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Should the Wizards do less talking? John Wall and Marcin Gortat weigh in

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the Wizards' and their talking.

Following their loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday after some big claims were made by John Wall and Bradley Beal, center Marcin Gortat has now twice suggested the team as a whole should tone it down.

Gortat himself is guilty of it after he engaged in a war of words with LaVar Ball, father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, last month.

But now the Wizards big man thinks the team should keep the bragging to a minimum.

It was before that Cavs game that Wall and Beal said the Wizards were the best team in the Eastern Conference and earlier in the summer Beal told NBC Sports Washington that he thought Cleveland didn't want to see them in the playoffs after the Wizards were eliminated by the Celtics.


"We've gotta stop showing off our muscles and speaking to the media and saying how great we are. We've gotta come out and do it, bottom-line," Gortat said.

Gortat stopped short of saying the Wizards had hurt themselves by what they put out there in the media. 

"Social media doesn't lose games. We lose games," he said.

But Gortat does believe the team would be better off keeping their boastful claims to themselves. That's how many teams operate, but that hasn't exactly been Wall's style over the years. He is as open and honest as you will find among professional athletes. If he believes something, he will say it.

That includes his opinion of how good the Wizards and how great of a player he is, whether that be proclaiming them as the best team in the East or saying he is the best point guard in basketball or the best shot-blocking point guard in NBA history.

That's just how he feels.


"I don't think it's about calming down talking too confidently. The reason why it got out of hand was because March said something first, know what I mean? He's probably the one on that," Wall joked, referencing Gortat's comments on Ball and the Lakers.

"I'm confident. Some people might call it cocky, but I'm not cocky. I'm just a confident person. I'm a humble person, but I'm confident in my ability and confident in what I believe in this team."

Where Wall does agree with Gortat is on the subject of backing it up. He understands it's not the best look when he says how great the Wizards are right before they get beaten by an Eastern Conference foe, like the Cavs.

"Until you do that on the court, it doesn't mean anything. Everybody talks about what they want to be," he said. "We were doing the same talking [before] and sneaking up on teams. Now teams are sneaking up on us. We've gotta be prepared and take the mental approach to be ready for those situations. You've gotta talk, you've gotta believe, you've gotta be confident in yourself; but if you're not backing it up, then there's no point in doing it."