Dinwiddie doesn't take back remarks on Wizards locker room


The Dallas Mavericks visiting the Washington Wizards marked the return of former guard Spencer Dinwiddie, who was traded at the NBA trade deadline along with Davis Bertans for Kristaps Porzingis and a second-round draft pick. 

While the game was cathartic for Porzingis, getting a win against his former team, there was an additional edge for the Wizards seeing Dinwiddie again. Last month, the 28-year-old spoke about why things didn’t work out in the nation’s capital, where he played 44 games before getting dealt. His comments were not a ringing endorsement of how his role fit into the team.

Dinwiddie stated that to get “kicked out the door was a wild feeling.”

"When the role changed and they wanted me to pass more -- they felt like I was scoring a lot -- I did that. I took my foot off the gas scoring-wise because that's what they felt -- the team needed to get [Kyle Kuzma] and [Kentavious Caldwell-Pope] and those guys shots. I said, 'Look, I already got paid. This is about y'all trying to get the shots that y'all need, whatever.'"

After the Mavericks lost by over 30 points on Friday night, where the former Wizard only scored eight points, he was asked again about his time in Washington at his postgame press conference


“I said what I said about the organization,” Dinwiddie said. “Anything further about their situation is their situation.”

“They made comments about locker room which validated what I said. We can let them go to the offseason and we go to playoffs, keep it rocking... I'm just saying, we watching!"