Dinwiddie will earn one dollar if Wizards win title


New Wizards point guard Spencer Dinwiddie has an unusual clause in the three-year contract he signed with Washington that pays him exactly one dollar if they win a championship.

That was first reported by ESPN and it had social media buzzing. Most contract bonuses are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sometimes they are worth millions. But a dollar, and if they win a championship?

Dinwiddie confirmed that was the case during his introductory press conference when he was asked how he would take the dollar if the Wizards win:

"Let's keep it freaky. Go hundred pennies. Why not?"

We'll go ahead and assume him using the catchphrase of Russell Westbrook, the guy he's replacing, was a coincidence. But Dinwiddie also posted on Instagram, saying "money ain't the motivator." It appears to be a symbolic move, because it's not about the money, it's about winning.

Whatever the case, the Wizards will gladly pay him if it happens.