The Wizards' continued interest in Toronto Raptors' GM, Masai Ujiri is nothing new. But just how likely would it be for the successful GM to leave Toronto where he is so beloved? The Sports Junkies don't think it's likely.

“I’m not convinced that Ujiri would really wanna come to D.C.," John-Paul "JP" Flaim said Thursday. 

NBC Sports Washington's Ben Standig, says Ujiri landing in Washington is a "significant long shot." However, Ujiri does have ties to Washington. Not only is he friends with former President Barack Obama, but Ujiri's wife also grew up in D.C. area. Additionally, Ujiri's "Basketball without Borders" program would have a much better headquarters in the nation's capital than in Toronto.

Even still, the Junkies doubt he would leave so soon after building a successful product in Toronto. Ujiri took the Raptors from a losing team to a winning team, now making their first NBA Finals appearance this year. So, what would make Washington an attractive option?

“Also, you know you’re going to be here for a while," John "Cakes" Auville said. "That is also attractive.”

“The definition of succeeding here, it’s not winning championships, it’s getting to the playoffs," JP said.

"Right," Cakes agreed. "The bar is relatively low."