NBC Sports has a new documentary podcast series called 'Sports Uncovered' and the first episode, which was released today, brought us an almost hard to believe story about Michael Jordan in 1994. The reason why it is difficult to imagine is because there is absolutely no way it could happen today with a contemporary NBA star.

Basically, back during Jordan's first retirement from the NBA, he talked his way into practicing with the Golden State Warriors. He wore Warriors gear and everything.

The story was recalled by many who were involved like former Warriors stars Tim Hardaway and Chris Mullin, as well as then-Warriors assistant Rod Higgins. Jordan was in California on vacation when he called Higgins the morning before a practice and asked if he could play.

Higgins said "I don't think so" before calling head coach Don Nelson. Surprisingly, Nelson loved the idea. So, Jordan arrived, suited up and then went to work.


He actually practiced with the Warriors for several days and, as he did, everyone realized what he was really there for. He wanted to size up Hardaway and Latrell Sprewell, two of the NBA's best young players at the time, before he made his return to the Bulls.

"What I remember is him walking on the floor having not played [in the NBA in a while], having probably played 36 holes of golf the day before and just dominated," Mullin said. "He wanted to go up against the best young player that thought he was better than him. And he put that to rest that day, for sure."


"Once Michael warmed up, you could tell his objective was to kick Spree and Tim's behind and talk trash to them," Higgins said. "I think it showed Latrell what greatness is."

Keep in mind Jordan was retired and out of basketball shape. Meanwhile, the Warriors were in midseason form. And yet, still Jordan was better.

The first episode of 'Sports Uncovered,' entitled 'I'm Back,' chronicles Jordan's return to the NBA after his first retirement. You can listen to the full podcast right here:

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