Through four episodes of The Last Dance, there appears to be a theme within the public's reaction to each installment of the documentary centered around the 1997-98 Bulls. 

First, there's the hysteria over a particular episode's star, whether it be Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman. Then there's the widespread criticism aimed toward an episode's "villain."

Former general manager Jerry Krause was the perceived bad guy through the first two episodes, and following the latest two parts aired to the public Sunday, the Pistons and Isiah Thomas took center stage. 

Unfortunately for former Wizards guard Isaiah Thomas, this meant a bunch of ill-informed NBA fans flooding his mentions about everything the older Thomas did to Jordan's Bulls. 


The "Bad Boy" Pistons were the chief roadblock standing between Jordan and an NBA title for the better part of three years. Their physical brand of basketball made them the most hated team in the league, and when Jordan finally got over the hump and swept them in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals, Thomas and the Pistons walked off the floor before the final buzzer sounded. 

In the documentary, Thomas attempted to explain the team's decision to walk off the floor, but Jordan, Pippen and Horace Grant weren't having any of it. 


Isaiah may have distanced himself from Isiah Sunday to avoid the Twitter slander, but make no mistake. These two NBA stars are close. 

While Isiah was with the Pistons, he was good friends with Isaiah's dad, James. James Thomas was a huge Lakers fan, and with his friend Isiah going up against LA in the 1989 Finals, the two made a bet. If the Pistons won, James would have to name his son after the Hall of Fame point guard. 

Detroit swept the Lakers to win their first NBA championship, and the rest is history. Isiah continues to mentor Isaiah through his NBA career, and now they both have to deal with the perils of their name following a documentary every basketball fan is tuning in to. 

So please, stop tweeting at Isaiah Thomas. He was two years old when the Pistons walked off the court.

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