Dropping to the No. 6 overall pick in the NBA Draft has the Phoenix Suns potentially thinking about trading away their first-round pick. 

A new report has suggested that Phoenix would be willing to part ways with the No. 6 pick for the "right veteran point guard", according to Jonathan Givony of ESPN

The report stems from Givony's latest mock draft that states, "Phoenix's front office has told rival NBA teams it's open to trading this pick if the right veteran guard is available."

As currently constructed, the Suns have a crop of young talent they've acquired through their bevy of lottery picks in the past few seasons. Three of their starters are 22-years-old or younger and only two players on their roster are older than 27. For the past season, the team has continuously been linked with point guards that are on the trading block. Most recently it was Chris Paul that is thought to be in their eyes. 

The Washington Wizards are a team that could be interested in trading up, or down, in this year's draft. With John Wall and Bradley Beal owed super-max and maximum contracts respectively for the 2019-20 season, 50 percent of the Wizards' cap space is tied up between the two players. Gathering cheap and effective talent is necessary to build the roster for the next season.  


However, the Wizards might not be the best trade option for the Suns.

There are only two players that fit the 'veteran guard' designation on Washington's roster that they have under contract: Wall and Beal. Moving on from the two faces of their franchise would be a significant shift for the Wizards' ownership. It would also be a bold move for whomever the Wizards hire as their new general manager.

And if the Wizards do decide to part with either of the two, that assumes the Suns want to take on a $27 million-plus contract. Neither seems to be that likely with the Suns already over the salary cap

Entering the NBA draft lottery the Suns had a 40 percent chance to receive a top-3 pick. Being on the wrong end of the ping-pong balls took them out of contention for Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, and RJ Barrett.