Taco Bell shouts out Johnny Davis after being drafted


There’s a love-love relationship going on between the Wizards’ latest first-round pick and a national fast-food joint.

Johnny Davis, who Washington drafted 10th overall on Thursday to stabilize their backcourt behind Bradley Beal, was already nationally recognizable for his work in a Taco Bell commercial. The ad was first shown on American TVs back in May and features Davis hearing his name called on a fictitious draft night.

As Davis walks up on stage, he hears the famous Taco Bell chime which, obviously, prompts him to leave the draft and head to the nearest location where he can order a toasted cheddar chalupa. It’s a great ad for Mexican food, which you can watch here:

Though Davis didn’t know it when he was shooting the commercial, his draft night festivities wouldn’t land him at a Taco Bell, but rather in the nation’s capital as the newest member of Washington’s backcourt. Luckily for the Wizards, Davis wouldn’t ditch to get some food before shaking Adam Silver’s hand and donning a Wizards cap.

Taco Bell itself even gave a heartfelt shoutout to Davis shortly after it was announced he’d be heading to Washington. “Congrats, Johnny Davis! The League ain’t ready for you,” read the message on one of the restaurant’s billboards in his hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin.


Taco Bell tweeted a picture of the message on their Twitter account which has almost two million followers. They cited that it’s from a location in Davis’s hometown.

Davis follows Nikola Jokic as notable NBA players who have a draft connection with Taco Bell. The defending two-time league MVP was drafted 41st overall in 2014 while another commercial for the fast-food giant aired on ESPN.

Davis should find himself at home in Washington. Not only will he add to a young core comprised of the Wizards’ previous four first-rounders, he’ll complement Bradley Beal with size and versatility in the backcourt. 

Plus, there are 27 Taco Bell locations in the D.C. area according to FourSquare. Does this mean there will be a special Wizards-themed enchilada coming to the menu soon? Time will tell.