As the Wizards entered the offseason a bit earlier than they are used to, majority owner Ted Leonsis had certain goals in his mind for the front office to accomplish. He believes the front office not only met those goals, but set the Wizards up to be much-improved in the 2018-19 season.

Leonsis, in fact, said he would give team president Ernie Grunfeld and his team an A-grade for their summer so far.

"I thought what Ernie did this offseason is exactly what we had planned," Leonsis said. "I think when a season ends you sit down and see what you want to accomplish. For the Wizards, it was we need to have more balance and more depth and be more prepared for injuries."

Leonsis lauded the move to sign Dwight Howard, downplayed his locker room reputation and had strong praise for the price the Wizards signed him for. He mentioned Austin Rivers and Jeff Green as important additions.

They all added depth and that's what Leonsis felt was missing from the Wizards in the 2018-19 season when they lost in the first round of the playoffs. John Wall missed 41 games due to a knee injury and Bradley Beal played the fourth-most minutes of any NBA player. They needed reinforcements and now Leonsis believes they have them.

"If you look at this roster for the Wizards, I think it’s as deep or the deepest team that we’ve ever had from center position to wing to the backcourt. We were able to bring in a lot of bench scoring and I think we can go 10 or 11 players deep. You need that because it’s such a grueling system," Leonsis said.


Leonsis isn't the first to suggest this is the deepest Wizards team in many years. Both Grunfeld and Wall said similar things in their offseason remarks and there is validity to their claim.

Now that the Wizards have Howard in the middle and depth at many positions, Leonsis believes they can take a big step forward this season.

"I think that the East will be very competitive. I don’t think we should be overlooked. I think we are going to have a very good team this year," he said.


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