In 2018, Ted Leonsis' Caps team brought a Stanley Cup to Washington. 

His goal now, he told NBC Sports Washington's Rob Carlin in an interview earlier this week, is to expand that feeling across his teams. 

"I always want to win. If you're going to play the game, you want to win it," Leonsis said when asked how badly he wanted to win a Stanley Cup again. "The thing that I want to do is apply what we learned - because there's no 'Winning a Stanley Cup for Dummies.' They kind of throw you out on the ice and then you're on your own. We learned a lot. I'd like to be able to do a better job with sharing the Cup with the community. Now that I understand how it all works, I'd like to do a better job on the celebration to a wider audience ... "

"I wouldn't say that's possible," Carlin said. "It seems like the whole city was involved."

Leonsis said the team had "very critical fans" who emailed him complaining about the parade time and location.

"And for me, my higher calling - I've let people down this year with the Wizards. I want every one of our teams to make the playoffs and win a championship," he said. 

His big dream, he said, is for all of the teams in the Monumental Sports organization - the Wizards, Caps, Mystics and Valor to win a championship in the same year.


"That would be breathtaking for our community, so organizationally, that is the goal I've set."

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