Washington Wizards owner Ted Leonsis is still trying to put those pesky trade rumors to rest.

Speaking with the Washington area radio station WTOP Thursday, Leonsis said they would not be trading John Wall, Bradley Beal or Otto Porter Jr. before the NBA trade deadline.

"We'll see what's out there," Leonsis said when asked if they plan on making any moves. "But I'm not tanking, right? I love when they go, 'trade Bradley Beal. Trade John Wall. Trade Otto Porter.' And I go 'ok, for who?' We're not trading any of those players."

With the Wizards sitting at 22-29 and ninth in the Eastern Conference finals, many saw two options for the Wizards just several months into the season; tank or trade away one of the star players. Leonsis told reporters earlier this month in London that the team had no plans to tank, which tampered down the trade talk surrounding Beal and Wall. But Porter and to a lesser extent Beal's name has consistently surfaced as potential trade assets that teams would call about  - despite Leonsis' pledge to be all in on this season.

“We’re going to try and fight our [expletive] off right now and get into the playoffs,” Beal told NBC Sports Washington last week. “It’s just a matter of us getting it done. I appreciate [Leonsis’] trust and his honesty in that category, his trust in and his trust in the team to be able to get this job done.”