Thomas Bryant thinks there's no ceiling for teammate Bradley Beal


Bradley Beal finished his career-best season with better numbers in almost every statistical category, and there's no indication that he won't continue to do the same next season. 

Wizards center Thomas Bryant has noticed such firsthand. 

"There is no ceiling for Bradley Beal -- that's the amazing part," Bryant said on Instagram live with ESPN analyst Jordan Schultz. "How he changed from last year to this year is absolutely outstanding. He helped me so much. When an all-star like him believes in you, you take that seriously."

It's really important not to gloss over the latter part of that quote. Not only did Beal up his scoring by over five points per game to finish only behind James Harden in the league's points per game category with 30.5, but he's also becoming the leader this team needs to take the next step when John Wall comes back next season and expectations rise. 

“I spoke to Brad just about everyday in Orlando and we’d go over the game and discuss what I saw, what he saw, and how I could get better,” said Bryant.

Byrant really came into his own this season as the team's best big man, and was unquestionably the best player the Wizards had during their time in Orlando. Beal's faith in him certainly paid off.

Now awaiting the fate of the ping pong balls on Thursday, the Wizards could add another cornerstone to their core via the draft. No matter the result of the NBA Lottery, Bryant is excited to continue getting boards and setting screens for his star man. 


"I know he's going to be absolutely amazing -- it’s gonna be crazy next year," Bryant said. "The way Brad can read and pick apart a defense, and remember it the next time down the floor is elite."


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