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Troy Brown gets love from peers, including ROY votes, in NBA Rookie Survey

Troy Brown gets love from peers, including ROY votes, in NBA Rookie Survey

The annual NBA Rookie Survey is always a way for us to take an early peek into how rookies feel about their peers (competition?).

For Wizards rookie Troy Brown Jr., he certainly has gotten the attention of the rest of his rookie class.

Brown ranked 6th for "Best Playmaker" in the class, and also received votes for Rookie of the Year and having best career potential.

Last year's class certainly lived up to the hype, with Ben Simmons winning Rookie of the Year. Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum definitely made strong cases for themselves as well though.

This time around, the class was dominated early by big men in the draft, but there's plenty of hype around the group as a whole again. Could it be the year we look back on as the class that brought the big man back to the NBA?


NBA.com again talked down the rookie class at the annual Rookie Photo Shoot at the New York Knicks' practice facility. This year's group (36) answered seven questions about their class, as well as a few about the current player they most admire and what they're expecting as they make the jump to the NBA.

Here's how they ended up voting:

Who will be the 2018-19 Kia Rookie of the Year?

1. DeAndre Ayton, Phoenix -- 18%
    Collin Sexton, Cleveland -- 18%

3. Luka Doncic, Dallas -- 9%
    Kevin Knox, New York -- 9%

5. Mohamed Bamba, Orlando -- 6%
    Devonte' Graham, Charlotte -- 6%
    Michael Porter Jr., Denver -- 6%
    Trae Young, Atlanta -- 6%

Others receiving votes: Marvin Bagley III, Sacramento; Troy Brown Jr., Washington; Wendell Carter Jr., Chicago; Hamidou Diallo, Oklahoma City; Harry Giles, Sacramento; Jaren Jackson Jr., Memphis; Lonnie Walker IV, San Antonio

LAST YEAR: Dennis Smith 26%

Which rookie will have the best career?

1. Wendell Carter Jr., Chicago -- 13%

2. Kevin Knox, New York -- 10%
    Jerome Robinson, LA Clippers -- 10%

3. DeAndre Ayton, Phoenix -- 7%
    Mohamed Bamba, Orlando -- 7%
    Mikal Bridges, Phoenix -- 7%
    Collin Sexton, Cleveland -- 7%
    Lonnie Walker IV, San Antonio -- 7%

Others receiving votes: Marvin Bagley III, Sacramento; Miles Bridges, Charlotte; Troy Brown Jr., Washington; Hamidou Diallo, Oklahoma City; Donte DiVincenzo, Milwaukee; Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, LA Clippers; Devonte' Graham, Charlotte; Jaren Jackson Jr., Memphis; Michael Porter Jr., Denver; Trae Young, Atlanta

LAST YEAR: Lonzo Ball, Jayson Tatum -- 18%

Which rookie was the biggest steal at where he was selected in the Draft?

1. Keita Bates-Diop (48), Minnesota -- 13%

2. Michael Porter Jr. (14), Denver -- 10%
    Lonnie Walker IV (18), San Antonio -- 10%

4. Jalen Brunson (33), Dallas -- 6%
    Gary Trent Jr. (37), Portland -- 6%

Others receiving votes: Grayson Allen (21), Utah; Mohamed Bamba (6), Orlando; Miles Bridges (12), Charlotte; Bruce Brown (42), Detroit; Jevon Carter (32), Memphis; Hamidou Diallo (45), Oklahoma City; Donte DiVincenzo (17), Milwaukee; Luka Doncic (3), Dallas; Jacob Evans (28), Golden State; Devonte' Graham (34), Charlotte; De'Anthony Melton (46), Houston; Svi Mykhailiuk (47), L.A. Lakers; Jerome Robinson (13), LA Clippers; Mitchell Robinson (36), New York; Mo Wagner (25), L.A. Lakers; Robert Williams III (27), Boston; Trae Young (5), Atlanta

LAST YEAR: Donovan Mitchell -- 19%

Which rookie is the most athletic?

1. Zhaire Smith, Philadelphia -- 24%

2. Hamidou Diallo, Oklahoma City -- 15%
    Josh Okogie, Minnesota -- 15%
    Lonnie Walker IV, San Antonio -- 15%

5. Marvin Bagley III, Sacramento -- 6%
    Miles Bridges, Charlotte -- 6%

Others receiving votes: DeAndre Ayton, Phoenix; Mikal Bridges, Phoenix; Bruce Brown, Detroit; Donte DiVincenzo, Milwaukee; Michael Porter Jr., Denver; Collin Sexton, Cleveland; Robert Williams III, Boston

LAST YEAR: Dennis Smith Jr. -- 44%

Which rookie is the best shooter?

1. Trae Young, Atlanta -- 47%

2. Kevin Huerter, Atlanta -- 13%
    Svi Mykhailiuk, L.A. Lakers -- 13%

4. Gary Trent Jr., Portland -- 9%

5. Grayson Allen, Utah -- 6%
    Donte DiVincenzo, Milwaukee -- 6%

Others receiving votes: Aaron Holiday, Indiana; Kevin Knox, New York

LAST YEAR: Luke Kennard -- 49%

Which rookie is the best defender?

1. Jevon Carter, Memphis -- 29%

2. Mohamed Bamba, Orlando -- 14%

3. Josh Okogie, Minnesota -- 11%

4. Mikal Bridges, Phoenix -- 9%

5. Jaren Jackson Jr., Memphis -- 6%
    Collin Sexton, Cleveland -- 6%

Others receiving votes: DeAndre Ayton, Phoenix; Bruce Brown, Detroit; Wendell Carter Jr., Chicago; Hamidou Diallo, Oklahoma City; Melvin Frazier Jr., Orlando; Mitchell Robinson, New York; Omari Spellman, Atlanta; Gary Trent Jr., Portland; Lonnie Walker IV, San Antonio

LAST YEAR: Josh Jackson -- 26%

Which rookie is the best playmaker?

1. Trae Young, Atlanta -- 35%

2. Jalen Brunson, Dallas -- 15%

3. Luka Doncic, Dallas -- 9%
    Shai Gilgeous-Alexander -- 9%
    Collin Sexton, Cleveland -- 9%

6. Troy Brown Jr., Washington -- 6%
    Aaron Holiday, Indiana -- 6%

Others receiving votes: Devonte' Graham, Charlotte; De'Anthony Melton, Houston; Michael Porter Jr., Denver; Jerome Robinson, LA Clippers

LAST YEAR: Lonzo Ball -- 72%

What will be the biggest adjustment for you, playing in the NBA?

1. Speed or pace of the game -- 31%

2. Schedule/Length of season -- 24%

3. Physicality (size and strength of opponents) -- 19%

4. Travel -- 10%

5. Lifestyle/Time management -- 8%

Also receiving votes: Conditioning, Playing NBA defense, Not having the ball as much

LAST YEAR: Physicality (size and strength of opponents) -- 37%

What is the most important skill you need to develop?

1. Ball-handling -- 19%
    Shooting -- 19%

3. Defense -- 14%

4. Playmaking/Reading the defense -- 11%

5. Everything -- 8%

6. Motor/Work ethic -- 6%
    Strength -- 6%
    Time management -- 6%

Also receiving votes: Basketball IQ, Communication, Confidence, Leadership

Who is your favorite player in the league?

1. LeBron James, L.A. Lakers -- 29%

2. Stephen Curry, Golden State -- 9%
    Kevin Durant, Golden State -- 9%

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee -- 6%
    Chris Paul, Houston -- 6%
    Dwyane Wade -- 6%
    Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City -- 6%

Others receiving votes: Kobe Bryant; DeMarcus Cousins, Golden State; Anthony Davis, New Orleans; Paul George, Oklahoma City; James Harden, Houston; Jrue & Justin Holiday, New Orleans/Chicago; Kyrie Irving, Boston; Jusuf Nurkic, Portland; John Wall, Washington; Nick Young,

LAST YEAR: LeBron James -- 31%

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Moe Wagner had to get creative to train during quarantine with a hoop in his driveway

Moe Wagner had to get creative to train during quarantine with a hoop in his driveway

Playing basketball in your driveway, that is relatable. Doing so to prepare for NBA games while in the middle of a league shutdown due to a worldwide pandemic; well, that is unusual.

But for Wizards center Moe Wagner, training during quarantine required some creativity before the team reopened their practice facility in early June. First, he rented out the townhouse below his to set up a workout space. It was vacant, allowing Wagner to use training equipment with enough space for a 7-footer to move around.

"We set up a little gym," Wagner said.

Wagner's schedule was regimented by Zoom workouts hosted by the Wizards trainers and coaching staff. But eventually, that wasn't enough.

Wagner had his brother, Franz, with him. Franz plays for the University of Michigan, where Wagner starred before becoming a first round draft pick in 2018.

"Eventually my brother and I got a little eager to shoot a ball, so my agent had us sent a basketball hoop for outside which we built. It took us like three days," Wagner explained.

"We played a little bit in the garage in the middle of the city. It was kind of an absurd situation, but you will take what you can get, I guess."


The garage Wagner and his brother played in was without a roof. They are common in Washington, D.C., especially in Northeast. So, it was technically a garage but more like a walled off driveway.

"[We] set it up in my back alley. Every time a car drives by, you have to wait. Obviously, it's very old school. You're going back to the roots a little bit. But after six weeks of not touching a ball, you're like 'we've gotta do something, man.' I'm a professional basketball player and I haven't touched a basketball in six weeks. That ain't right," Wagner said.


Waiting when cars drive by makes sense. Driveways are big enough for kids to shoot around in. But Wagner requires a bit more range to spread out and practice NBA threes.

Wagner indicated he did not shoot a ball for roughly six weeks. That would mean he set the hoop up around the end of April. If that is the case, he was likely more fortunate than many other young players who went longer without being able to shoot.

That's the big variable with the league's hiatus; who had the resources to train, either to just stay sharp or potentially even improve. Wagner was able to keep working on his game, it just took a good deal of creativity. 

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Wizards will face Lakers, Clippers in Orlando's NBA exhibition schedule

Wizards will face Lakers, Clippers in Orlando's NBA exhibition schedule

Before the Wizards begin their eight-game schedule to close out the regular season on July 31, they will have three exhibition games to get warmed up in Orlando.

They will start July 22 against the Denver Nuggets and also play the Lakers and Clippers. Those are the three top seeds in the Western Conference.

Here is a look at their three-game set:

7/22: Nuggets, 3:30 pm ET
7/25: Clippers, 8 pm ET
7/27: Lakers, 3 pm ET

The question here, of course, is whether the stars will play given these games won't count. In a usual preseason, the answer would probably be 'no.' But in this case, with each team only having three games to find their rhythm before games start, and after months off, it is anyone's guess.


It wouldn't be surprising if the Wizards did see some combination of Nikola Jokic, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The biggest question mark would be that Lakers game since it is the last exhibition game for both teams. Maybe James and/or Davis sit with two games already under their belt and an opening night meeting with the Clippers awaiting.

Either way, the Wizards will get a look at some of the NBA's best teams before they kick things off for real. And this also means they will be playing games nine days ahead of their regular season. There are now just under three weeks to go until the Wizards return to the court.


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