'Washed up' LeBron James thanks Tom Brady after winning 4th title


Following the Los Angeles Lakers clinching the NBA title on Sunday night, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady took the time to congratulate Lakers star, LeBron James, with a tweet that also included a roast of himself.

Brady took the now-viral photo of him forgetting what down it was against the Chicago Bears in Week 5 with him holding up four fingers and swapped in James' face to signify the fourth title he had just earned. He also noted that it wasn't so bad for a "washed up old guy."

James most likely had numerous shout-outs to get through, but he finally got back to Brady on Tuesday. In his replay, James noted that his performance was "Not so bad for the washed up King."

The trolling from both is most likely a dig at any critics who claimed they couldn't continue to play at the elite level they've demonstrated throughout their long careers. James' 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists in the NBA Finals put a lot of that to rest, and Brady continues to make plays at 43 years old.

When you're as good as Brady and James have been throughout their careers and continue to defy "Father Time" and find success, it's easy to have a little fun at your own expense. In the end, jokes come and go but you wear the rings forever.