WATCH: Troy Brown delivers pretty pass to Rui Hachimura for a dunk


Troy Brown was replaced in the starting lineup by Isaac Bonga Tuesday night against the Magic and didn't let it negatively affect his play. 

After coming up with a steal in the second quarter, Brown dribbled behind his back off Terrence Ross' foot but kept his composure to fire a dime to Rui Hachimura for an easy dunk. 

Brown was struggling as a starter mostly in part because he was forced to spot up with Bradley Beal and Isaiah Thomas on the floor with him. 

In the second unit, Brown can play with the ball in his hands more often. He's clearly more comfortable as a playmaker and it's made a sizeable impact on his defense as well. 

Bonga may be the better fit in the starting lineup due to his length and defense-first style of play. With Brown making plays off the bench, Scott Brooks may have figured out his wing rotation already. 

Once players settle into roles they're best suited for, they start to play above their talent level.