On Friday night, Showtime will air a documentary called 'Basketball County: In the Water,' which highlights the remarkable track record of basketball talent produced by Prince George's County, Md., just outside of D.C.

As the documentary details, 25 NBA players have hailed from PG County since the year 2000 alone. There have also been over a dozen WNBA players and many more who starred at the college level.

With the documentary set to debut, our Chris Miller came up with a list of the 25 best men's players from PG County with a simple, but very difficult exercise: to pick a starting lineup. It is structured like the popular $15 meme, where you essentially have a salary cap to work within.

Here is the full list of players witch each dollar amount assigned to them:

Tough to choose, right? Well, I decided to take a crack at it, just as I did with the $15 challenge we made recently for the best players in Wizards/Bullets franchise history. 

Here goes nothing...

G - Ty Lawson ($2)

I thought this was great value. With only $2, I get a point guard who had success at every level of basketball. He starred at Bishop McNamara before going to Oak Hill and becoming a high school McDonald's All-American. Then, he was one of the best players on a national title team at UNC. And he was pretty good in the NBA, as well, most notably for the Nuggets.


G - Joe Forte ($2)

Searching for another value pick at the guard spot led me to forming an all-UNC backcourt. But in Forte I get a guy who was the All-Met player of the year at DeMatha before going on to be a certified bucket-getter in Chapel Hill. Forte was basically the best player during a down period at UNC and didn't do much in the NBA, but he was an unstoppable scorer at his peak.


F - Rodney McGruder ($1)

Since I loaded up with a few stars, I had to find a real bargain on the list and I think I did that with McGruder, who is now in his fourth NBA season, currently with the Clippers. McGruder went to Archbishop Carroll for high school then starred at Kansas State where he was Big-12 All-Defense. He has been a decent, reliable role player in the NBA.

F - Kevin Durant ($5)

I felt like I had no choice with this one, as Durant is the most accomplished player on the list. He was the All-Met player of the year at Montrose Christian in Rockville, Md. and the MVP of the McDonald's All-American game. In college, he was the national player of the year at Texas. And in the pros, he won the 2014 NBA MVP award, has four scoring titles and two championship rings.

F - Len Bias ($5)

I also felt like this one was a lock. Bias was a standout at Northwestern in Hyattsville, Md. before becoming a superstar at the University of Maryland. He was the ACC player of the year twice and a consensus first-team All-American. He was then selected second overall by the Boston Celtics in 1986 before unfortunately passing away due to a drug overdose.

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