The unfortunate news of NBA legend Wes Unseld's passing on Tuesday brought two of his former teammates onto the Wizards Talk podcast with Chris Miller to tell stories and share memories of the most accomplished player in Wizards/Bullets franchise history.

Phil Chenier and Bobby Dandridge were both members of the 1978 Bullets team that won the NBA championship. Chenier played with Unseld for nine seasons, while Dandridge knew him both as a teammate and rival. They each spoke glowingly about the larger-than-life character that Unseld was and shared tales of him battling other greats of his time like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

But the part of Unseld's life they kept coming back to was his decades-long work running a private school in southwest Baltimore, MD. Unseld and his wife, Connie, started a private school called the Unselds School that still operates today.

"His contribution to the Baltimore community, the education and development of kids were greater than any rebound or shot that he ever made," Dandridge said. "They have developed many young kids in the inner city parts of Baltimore."


“A guy willing to do anything for the people around him that he loved, respected, been around, played with," Chenier added. "[Connie] is so proud of that school and she said Wes is equally as proud. Wes evidentally was like the jack of all trades over there. He was the janitor, the security person, the maintenance man; he did it all. And he did it proudly and humbly, and I think it speaks to the character."


The Unselds School has been operating since the late 1970s and continues to give resources to kids in an area that lacks them. His work in that area has clearly impressed his peers just as much as his Hall of Fame basketball career did.

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