On March 2nd, videos of events from the Houston Rockets vs. New York Knicks game began circulating throughout social media. The only problem: It wasn't because of anything that happened on the court. 

The video was of Spike Lee visibly frustrated with the Knicks' security outside of an elevator. Rumors then swirled around whether or not he was thrown out of the arena. 

"I've been using the same entrance for the last 28 years," Lee told Stephen A Smith on ESPN's First Take. "They wanted me to leave the [Madison Square] Garden, walk outside, then enter back in on 31st street."

Lee continued, "First of all they already scanned my ticket, you can't scan a ticket twice. Also, everybody knows that once you leave a sporting arena you can't come back in. I don't trust these guys, I'm not taking the okie-dok."

Soon after the altercation, the Knicks released a statement saying that the issue spurred from Lee's use of the employee entrance rather than the VIP or general admission entrance to Madison Square Garden. 

"It's disappointing that Spike would create this false controversy to perpetuate drama. He is welcome to come to The Garden anytime via the VIP or general entrance; which is what he and Jim agreed to last when they shook hands."

"I'm done for the season. I'm done," Lee said in response to their statement. "I'm being harassed by James Dolan and I don't know why."


Did we mention Monday night was Leon Rose's first day as team president? Yeah, just the Knicks being Knicks.