Which NBA players will enjoy certain Orlando bubble amenities the most?


Yes, the NBA's restart plan includes players having to essentially live inside a bubble in Orlando in order to ensure that everyone remains healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, this isn't a normal quarantine.

The bubble takes place at Disney World, so while NBA games will be the main focus for the players, there are some pretty nice extra perks to keep them busy during downtime. Staying at different Disney hotels and enjoying all the amenities the place has to offer, there's something for everyone. From golf to video games, plenty will still get to partake in their hobbies.

Looking through the list of added features, which players may enjoy certain amenities more than others? Here's a look.

Golf, Bowling - Chris Paul

Michael Jordan would have been the easy pick back when he was in the league, but Paul is an avid golfer as well. The point guard has hit the links in his spare time throughout his career and posted some pretty good numbers in the process.

He's also hosted an event with Aaron Rodgers that pitted NFL players against NBA stars, and he's talked some trash with Tiger Woods as well.

Paul is also a noted bowler, as LeBron James has stated that Paul's pin game is nothing to mess with.

Video Games - Devin Booker

Plenty of NBA players will go at it in 2K during the resumption of NBA play, but Booker may have the most fun. That's because he's simply one of the best at the game. In a recent tournament that featured numerous players, Booker took home the crown.


Maybe he'll get bored and test his luck with another game, but his teammate Deandre Ayton, who lost to Booker in the finals of the tournament, will probably be ready for some rematches as well.


Ping Pong - Joe Ingles and Jordan Clarkson (Not Together)

It was recently announced that ping pong will be a part of the activities in Orlando, with an exception. Players cannot compete in doubles on the table due to the guidelines of social distancing.

This was a letdown for Joe Ingles and Jordan Clarkson of the Jazz, who apparently are a pretty good pair. For now, they'll either have to compete against one another to get better or work on their singles game against new opponents.


Private Dining - LeBron James

LeBron has been known to host private dinners for his team throughout the season, and he'll now get the opportunity to do that on a nightly basis if he wants. Not sure what will be on the menu at the places, but as long as there is a Taco Tuesday option he'll probably be content.

Fishing - Paul George

Many people use fishing as a way to escape the stress of everyday life, and that includes the Clippers star. The calm sounds of nature and the stillness of the water can help one relax, and George said in the past that it has become a therapeutic release that he's done throughout his life.

Competing for a championship while being stuck in one location can cause stress, so it's good that George and others will have this outlet. 

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