The Wizards wanted to make the most of the 2019 NBA Draft and knew that adding just one prospect in such a loaded class wasn't enough. In the second round, D.C. acquired the 42nd overall pick in a trade with the 76ers, and with that Admiral Schofield was headed to the nation's capital.

Schofield talked with NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller about being in Washington and to connect with his new fans, and discussed how he got his name.

Schofield's father served in the Navy for 24 years, and while stationed in London his mother went into labor. Schofield's father went out to his car and an advertisement for the Admiral Insurance company came on, and he was sold.

Schofield's brother, O'Brien, won a Super Bowl with the Seahawks and knowing the success his family had on the gridiron, Admiral wanted to pave his own path.

"I played (football) up until my junior year," Schofield said. "I played every position in football, and I was pretty good I just didn't love it."

In terms of his favorite players to root for, one of them is just across the beltway.

"I've been a big Lamar Jackson fan for a while, right here in B-more so I've got to go check him out," Schofield said.

In terms of his hobbies, Schofield has a rooted interest in soccer and spending time with his dog.

"Soccer is probably my second favorite sport outside of basketball," Schofield said. "English Premier League, La Liga, you name it, I'm big on it. I play a lot of FIFA and I have a puppy and I like playing with my puppy."


Schofield was ecstatic to get the phone call from Washington on draft night and knew that he could make a major impact from the get-go.

"My mentality is to win," Schofield said. "I'm not a guy that just wants to score, score, score, or a guy that just wants to shoot, shoot, shoot. I want to do different things to impact winning."

Schofield also knows that helping to lighten his teammates' workloads is paramount to team success.

"I want to make things easier on others that are good at what they do," Schofield said. "Bradley Beal is a great scorer, John Wall is a great point guard. Making their job easier is what my job is."

With NBA Summer League starting up July 5, he will have the opportunity to show the Wizards' brass that they made the right choice selecting him.