John Wall's rehab from a ruptured Achilles as he enters the first year of his supermax contract may not be quite as bad of a financial burden as it seems for the Washington Wizards.

According to the Washington Post, the Wizards will recoup a good portion of his salary from this past season due to the fact he played fewer than 41 games, and they could bring back most of the $37.8 million he's due next season.

That's because of an insurance policy that pays 80 percent of a player's salary if they remain on the sideline with the same injury for 41 games. Wall missed his 41st game of this season on Wednesday, thus triggering the deductible.

The insurance policy, it is important to note, will give them no relief in terms of the salary cap. They will still have a gigantic obstacle in building their roster this summer with Wall due to make 35 percent of the salary cap.

But they likely won't have to actually pay all of that money and that could change the calculus for other decisions. It could, in theory, help them budget more money for the rest of their roster with less fear of going over the cap or paying the luxury tax. 

It could also affect their decision when it comes to front office and coaching personnel. If owner Ted Leonsis is saving money on Wall, perhaps buying out the contracts of others wouldn't be as burdensome. Head coach Scott Brooks, for example, is due $14 million for the next two seasons.


Perhaps the money saved could also affect how members of the organization are evaluated by ownership. The Wizards are falling way short of expectations this season by missing the playoffs, but sometimes expectations can be viewed through the lens of money spent.

This news may not change how fans view the course of the franchise and its current state. But it should be considered when factoring in how money can affect decisions the Wizards make, especially this offseason.