Wizards coach Mike Batiste suspended two games for fan incident


Washington Wizards assistant coach Mike Batiste has been suspended two games without pay for his incident involving a fan during the end of Monday's loss to Miami, the NBA announced on Thursday.

Towards the end of Washington's blowout loss, Batiste left his seat on the bench and hopped over a row of chairs, attempting to confront a fan. Wizards players Montrezl Harrell and Thomas Bryant stepped in to intervene, preventing Batiste from getting near the fan. No physical contact ever occurred.

Here's a video of what happened:

Following Monday's game, Wizards head coach Wes Unseld Jr. said he believed a fan crossed the line with what they said. But, Unseld Jr. emphasized that his staff must take the high road in those situations, regardless of what is said.

"To my understanding, a fan or several fans said something that was out of line," Unseld Jr. said. "Obviously, we have to take the high road and just can't indulge in that. I think it was a situation where something was said that was a bit over the line and I think it got the best of one of our coaches. Either way, you have to take the high road."

Batiste's suspension begins on Thursday night, as he will not be on the bench when Washington hosts the new-look Brooklyn Nets.