Davis Bertans finds it funny people are surprised by his dunks


When Davis Bertans shoots the ball, very rarely is it not from three-point range. Of the shots he's attempted this season, 88.8 percent of them have been threes. On Feb. 17, he set an NBA record for the most points scored in a game without attempting a single two.

Bertans, though, does dunk every once in a while, about a dozen times per year on average. In the last week alone he has dunked twice; he followed his own missed three with a putback slam and threw down an alley-oop in separate games.

Each time it took people by surprise on social media. Bertans has noticed that reaction and finds it amusing.

"I scroll through Instagram after all these things, so I see it. It's not really a surprise for me," he said. "I know I can do those things, I just don't do them very often. I guess you've gotta keep it to yourself sometimes so that it's more fun for everybody else when I finally do it."

The alley-oop came in the Wizards' win over the Clippers on Thursday night. Bertans caught a pass from Russell Westbrook and slammed it with two hands.

Here's how Bertans described the play:

"When I caught the ball, I looked at the rim and I was like right there. [Dunking] made more sense than anything else at that moment."

The best part may have been Westbrook's reaction, as he was clearly surprised Bertans was able to throw it down:


Bertans has now shown Westbrook what he can do. Maybe next time he won't be nearly as shocked.