The tumultuous 2018-19 season that was for the Washington Wizards produced a solid consolation prize, as they can now look forward to the May 14 NBA lottery where they will own the sixth-best odds.

That was secured on Wednesday night as the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Golden State Warriors in their season finale. That locked the 32-50 Wizards into the 25th-best record in the NBA.

The sixth-best odds give the Wizards some real hope as they look forward to next month's lottery. They will have a nine percent chance at the No. 1 overall pick and a 37.2 percent chance at landing in the top four.

The Wizards can pick anywhere between one through four and six through 10. They can't land on the fifth pick.

The mostly likely pick for the Wizards is seventh where they hold a 29.8 percent chance. The second-most likely pick for them is eighth, at 20.5 percent odds. The least-likely is 10th at 0.1 percent odds.

Here are their odds for each pick:

1. 9%
2. 9.2%
3. 9.4%
4. 9.6%
5. N/A
6. 8.6%
7. 29.8%
8. 20.5%
9. 3.7%
10. 0.1%

The Wizards are guaranteed a high draft pick, but lucking into the top four could make a major difference this year. This year's draft class is considered top heavy with four prospects that stand out above all: Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett and Cam Reddish of Duke, as well as Ja Morant of Murray State.

Either way, the Wizards are guaranteed to have their highest pick since 2013 when they picked Otto Porter Jr. third overall. 

For more on the top prospects in this year's class, check out Ben Standig's NBA mock draft.