The goal for the Wizards this offseason in restructuring the organization has been to add more people, to create new jobs and have more specialized roles. That process continued on Wednesday, as they announced the addition of three new positions. Antawn Jamison will be their director of pro personnel and Laron Profit and John Carideo have joined the team as pro scouts.

Excluding in-house promotions, this means the Wizards have made at least 10 new hires in the past month; seven to the front office and three to their coaching staff. For a refresher, those 10 people are Sashi Brown, John Thompson III, Dr. Daniel Medina, Johnny Rogers, Mark Simpson, Michael Longabardi, Corey Gaines, Dean Oliver, Profit and Carideo.

That is a lot of fresh perspectives and a lot more money being spent by ownership. While they have added 10 people, only two have left the organization: former team president Ernie Grunfeld and former assistant coach Maz Trakh. 

One other executive to monitor is VP of player programs Ed Tapscott. He was offered a new position, but at the time NBC Sports Washington was told that news he had yet to take it.

Still, clearly more people are coming in the door than walking out of it. Wizards managing partner Ted Leonsis is scaling his front office larger, aiming to catch up with some of the more modernly constructed organizations around the league. The Wizards had previously operated with a smaller, more streamlined front office than many of their counterparts.

The Jamison hire may excite Wizards fans more than any of the others. He is one of the best players in team history, having spent five-and-a-half seasons in Washington from 2004 to 2010. With the Wizards, he made two All-Star teams and averaged 20.8 points and 8.9 rebounds. He was perhaps best known for his wide array of shot release angles.


Jamison helped lead the Wizards to four straight playoff appearances after the franchise had made the postseason just once in their previous 16 tries. He was well-liked by fans and remains one of their most popular alumni.

After leaving the Wizards, Jamison played through his Age 37 season. Following his retirement as a player, he served as a broadcaster for the Lakers before joining their front office as a scout. 

Jamison will work closely with Rogers, the team's new VP of pro personnel, as the Wizards beef up their pro scouting operation. Jamison will help oversee scouting for the Capital City Go-Go of the G-League, in addition to the NBA club.

Jamison's return to the Wizards also reunites him with general manager Tommy Sheppard, who was part of the front office that acquired him back in 2004. 

The Wizards traded the fifth overall pick in the 2004 draft (Devin Harris), Christian Laettner and Jerry Stackhouse to the Mavericks to get Jamison, who had just won the NBA's sixth man of the year award. Jamison then blossomed into an All-Star while playing alongside Gilbert Arenas with Larry Hughes and then Caron Butler as the third star. 

In a press release about Jamison's hire, Sheppard raved about his work ethic and character, saying he looks forward to Jamison "bringing those qualities to our front office." Jamison was known for his professionalism as a player. The fact he was still averaging 17.2 points and 6.3 rebounds per game at 35 years old in 2011-12 was no accident.

Back when Jamison was in Washington, he kept a poster of the Larry O'Brien NBA championship trophy in his locker. Nowadays, John Wall does the same.

And now Jamison is back, continuing the quest to win the real thing with Washington.