Kyle Kuzma wishes NBA analysis was a bit more like NFL


Kyle Kuzma had some interesting thoughts about how the NBA is covered when speaking at Wizards media day on Monday, sparking a conversation about what can change in NBA analysis throughout the league. 

When asked about his tweet, he expanded. 

“I’m a big football fan, I watch football all the time, I grew up playing football,” Kuzma said. “I’d say I’m pretty in-tune with that sport from all types of angles ... If you look at football, if you look at guys and all the great players that turn into analysts, they do a phenomenal job of really teaching the game. And just reporting it from a standpoint of true craftsmanship, because they’re straight to the point.”

Kuzma is just 26, so his future as a potential analyst appears far off in the future. 

“They’re not bashing people, they’re not trying to get jokes off — they may get jokes off, but in a certain type of way — and they just do a great job of really making sure that the average fan that doesn’t really know much about the sport to educate them on it,” Kuzma said of general NFL analysis. "That’s something that a lot of NBA guys that go into the analyst world could do a better job of.”

Of course, the NFL has a few more variables than the NBA considering there are 53 players on a team and 11 players on the field at one time. But Kuzma still thinks there’s room for growth. Specifically, Kuzma mentioned ESPN's Tedy Bruschi and Randy Moss as two commentators that get straight to the point with their analysis. He thinks there’s a big future in the NBA for how the game is covered, which includes more in-depth analysis based coverage.