The Washington Wizards lost to the San Antonio Spurs 132-119 on Sunday night. Here are five observations from the game...

1. Tim Duncan has retired, Kawhi Leonard was traded, yet the Washington Wizards still can't win in San Antonio. Their losing streak in road games against the Spurs was pushed to 19 seasons with a 13-point defeat on Sunday.

The Spurs were missing DeMar DeRozan due to a knee injury. It didn't matter. The Wizards couldn't play anything that resembled defense despite defense being central in their recent resurgence.

The Spurs shot 57 percent from the field and 47.1 percent from three (16-for-34). They also out-rebounded the Wizards 49-to-32. 

Defense and rebounding have been crippling problems for the Wizards all season, and they reverted to some bad habits against San Antonio. 

The Wizards also shot just a mediocre 21-for-29 (72.4) from the free throw line. It's tough to beat the Spurs when you can't nail down the fundamentals.

The Wizards are now 6-19 on the road. That's not much better than some of the worst teams in the NBA, like the Knicks who are 6-22 away from New York.

2. The Wizards had a monster second quarter. At least, offensively they were good. 

They dropped 43 points in the frame and that was only because they slowed down at the end. They had 19 points by the eight-minute mark, meaning they were on pace for 57 for the quarter. The NBA record for one quarter, in case you are wondering, is 58. No one has scored 55 or more in a quarter since 1990.

The second quarter was great. The third quarter was a disaster. The Wizards got outscored 29-17 in the third and never recovered after they entered the fourth down 13.

3. As good as the Wizards were offensively for most of this game, Otto Porter Jr. has fallen into quite the slump. He had only 13 points and shot 5-for-13.

Porter heated up in the fourth quarter, but it was too late. After three quarters, he had four points on 2-for-6 shooting. He is now 11-for-39 (28.2%) in his last three games. 

Perhaps the fourth quarter was the start of something that will carry over in the next game on Tuesday, but if he keeps struggling, maybe head coach Scott Brooks considers putting him back in as a starter to get him going.

4. Tomas Satoransky was brilliant in this game and nearly put up his second career triple-double. He had 21 points, nine rebounds, and eight assists.

This was one of those games where Satoransky didn't look like a backup filling in for an injured starter. He looked the part as a starting point guard.

The more games Satoransky has like this, the more likely teams will view him as a starting point guard option if he hits restricted free agency this summer. The Wizards would like to lock him up much sooner than that, of course.

5. The Wizards are dealing with a host of injuries between John Wall (heel), Markieff Morris (neck) and Dwight Howard (back). Now Ian Mahinmi and Sam Dekker can be added to the list.

Mahinmi missed this game with a sore thumb and Dekker was out with back spasms. That left the Wizards perilously thin in their frontcourt. Mahinmi is their No. 2 center and Dekker is their No. 2 power forward.

Back spasms usually do not linger, so Dekker's injury sounds very minor. Mahinmi, though, bears watching. With the Cavs up next, it's possible he could help against Tristan Thompson.