Wizards owner Ted Leonsis joined Chris Miller on Thursday's Wizards Talk Podcast, where he spoke candidly about the team's ongoing front-office search. 

Leonsis went into detail about the circumstances that led him to move on from team president Ernie Grunfeld after 16 years with the organization. 

Specifically, the owner said Washington's leadership structure didn't foster the kind of collaboration he valued in his other ventures. As a consequence, Leonsis only spoke directly with Grunfeld, rather than hearing a diversity of opinions on major decisions. 

"We have great, great people in our organization, but I only met with the president of the organization [Grunfeld]," Leonsis said. 

"That was the deal we cut and it was a less collaborative environment than I am used to with the Caps or my other businesses, but that was the understanding that I had." 

Later in his conversation with Miller, Leonsis insisted that he gave Grunfeld ample time and resources to build a successful franchise, detailing investments in infrastructure, technology, staff and player salaries.

"That is what has been so frustrating to me," he explained. "The best new building in the league and how do we leverage it? You know we were the first with VR, one of the first with high-speed cameras. One of the first teams with tools in the building that can help heal players. We were in the [luxury] tax for two years. We built coaching staffs that are world-class.


"We say no to nothing and we lost 50 games. That's why we had to make a change." 

Since Grunfeld's dismissal on April 2, Tommy Sheppard has led the Wizards front office as interim president. 

Leonsis' "say no to nothing" approach should make the Wizards' job attractive to potential candidates, but the position remains unfilled with the NBA Draft less than a month away.