Deni Avdija wants to be the best version of himself he can be


The Washington Wizards didn't expect international prospect Deni Avdija to fall to them at ninth in the 2020 NBA Draft. Set to become the highest Israeli player draft, Avdija, however, knew all the options for him were open. There was nothing set in stone until his name was called. 

"Everything was open. So, I was ready for everything and every team who, who chose me," Avdija told the media via Zoom. I was ready for it. I'm super excited from Washington [sic]. It's a great organization I'm so glad, I'm so blessed to get picked by them and I'm ready to work and to meet everybody."

At just 19 years of age, Avdija will come over to the United States as one of the youngest prospects of his draft class. Despite his youth, he will come to the Wizards with experience from the Euroleague, one of the best leagues in the world. 

Still, there will be a jump in talent for the Israeli star when he comes to D.C. From the get-go, he'll be playing alongside NBA All-Stars John Wall and Bradley Beal. He thinks highly of the talent put together on the Wizards and is just ready to get together with the team. 

"I think it's very talented. I'm ready to meet everybody and get straight to work," Avdija said. "Hopefully, we can grind and have a good season and I'm just going to bring the best for the team. And hopefully, we can win as much games as we can."


Expectations for his role isn't too high. He just wants to help the organization and Scott Brooks however he can. But now that's he's in the NBA, one of his goals is to be the best player he can and live up to his potential. At the end of his career, he doesn't want to have any regrets and that starts with his work ethic. 

"First of all, to bring my work ethic, some of it from back here. Just keep improving every day, be a better play every day, help the team as much as I can, and at the end of my career to look at, to look at it and say, I was the best Deni Avdija I can be, I could have been and I don't regret anything. So it's a great journey ahead of me, and I'm super excited."