Yes, Russell Westbrook recreated his own meme

Russell Westbrook

What's better than an original piece of art that is perfectly unique and genuine in every way possible?

When the unprompted, off-the-cuff sequel is just as perfect.

Russell Westbrook recreated his famous, "Ahh that's pretty interesting," meme inadvertently in a postgame press conference. It came after the Wizards beat the Golden State Warriors to move into 10th place in the Eastern Conference and the final spot of the play-in tournament. 

Westbrook was informed by a reporter that he currently leads the NBA in clutch field-goal percentage. That prompted the point guard to duplicate one of his best contributions to social media ever. 

It was just as authentic as the first time he did it and completely unforced.

"Oh really? Ahh, that's interesting. I didn't know that," Westbrook said. 

It's really quite shocking the reporter was able to remain composed the whole time. It's even better seeing him wearing a shirt with 'RUSS' across the front. 

For those who aren't familiar with the original gif/meme, here it is for comparison.

Ever since, it's been a mainstay all across Twitter, especially on NBA accounts. 

Russell Westbrook pretty interesting gif
Russell Westbrook pretty interesting gif

So thank you, Russell Westbrook, for not only creating one, but two pieces of pure social media gold. And yes, the sequel actually lives up to the prestige of the original.