49ers admit 'oversight' in not recognizing Colin Kaepernick on team website


49ers admit 'oversight' in not recognizing Colin Kaepernick on team website

Some of the 49ers’ most memorable games in the history of their series with the Green Bay Packers came during a span of two seasons with Colin Kaepernick playing a prominent role.

Kaepernick rushed for 181 yards -- most ever by an NFL quarterback -- and two touchdowns while throwing for 263 yards and two touchdowns in his first playoff start, a 45-31 victory over the Packers at Candlestick Park on Jan. 12, 2013. With Kaepernick at quarterback, the 49ers advanced to the Super Bowl that season.

The 49ers opened the next regular season with a 34-28 win over Green Bay, and Kaepernick led the way with 412 passing yards and three touchdowns.

In the playoffs following the 2013 regular season, Kaepernick ran for 98 yards and threw for 227 yards and one touchdown in negative-10 degree wind chill in the 49ers’ 23-20 victory at Lambeau Field.

Yet, when the 49ers’ official website posted a photo gallery this week consisting of 48 pictures from games against the Packers, Kaepernick was not featured once. John Brodie, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jeff Garcia and Alex Smith were featured, but Kaepernick was seen only in the background of three photos.

The 49ers released a statement Friday morning to address to the omission of Kaepernick in their photo gallery:

“Unfortunately there were a handful of obvious misses in this gallery posted by our website team and we appreciate them being brought to our attention. The 49ers organization has tremendous respect and gratitude for the contributions Colin made to our team over the years. We have fond memories of those games and that should have been displayed on our website. This oversight does not properly reflect the appreciation our ownership and this team have for Colin.”

In September 2016, team CEO Jed York announced the 49ers Foundation would pledge $1 million to organizations focused on improving racial and economic inequality and fostering communication and collaboration between law enforcement and Bay Area communities.

The 49ers donated the money after Kaepernick promised to donate $1 million of his own money to charities consistent with his message of addressing racial inequality.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since the end of the 2016 season, when he gained fame as an activist for his protests aimed at bringing attention to social issues.

Despite losing to 49ers, Broncos sing praise of George Kittle


Despite losing to 49ers, Broncos sing praise of George Kittle

SANTA CLARA -- 49ers tight end George Kittle had a record-setting day in the team’s 20-14 win over the Broncos. After gaining 210 yards on seven receptions in the first half, the Broncos their defensive scheme and effectively shut down Kittle.

What Kittle did in the first half still left a strong impression on the Broncos players and head coach. Several of them spoke after the game about his performance. 

Coach Vance Joseph explained that there were missed assignments on one of Kittle’s bigger plays. He also confirmed that they had game planned for him. 

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“Well, we had one blown coverage, and we had a couple where we just didn’t cover him," Joseph said. "He beat us one-on-one. He’s a great player. We knew coming into the game that he’s the guy we had to stop and we didn’t get it done.”

Outside linebacker Von Miller was very complimentary of Kittle’s playmaking abilities. He took note of his ability to extend plays, which he did more than once. Kittle was able to rack up 115 yards after a catch in just his two longest receptions combined. 

“85 is a hell of a player,” Miller said. “George Kittle’s a hell of a player and he took some 10-yard plays the distance today. There's not too many tight ends in the league that can do that."

“We knew coming into the game that he was going to be talented. We knew coming into the game he was going to make plays, but the plays that he made today, he just killed us on top of the penalties, and on top of my penalties that increased the situation. He just killed us.”

Nose tackle Shelby Harris appreciated the way Kittle played the game, but obviously noted the defense’s inability to stop him in the first half. 

“He had a good game,” Harris said. “He went out there and played football the way it is supposed to be played. That’s what you are supposed to do. That’s the goal. We have to go out there and do everything better. There is no excuse.”

Safety Justin Simmons complimented Shanahan’s game planning when asked about Kittle’s first half. 

“They did some things schematically offensively,” Simmons said. “They found different ways to get him the football. We came in at halftime and made those corrections to fix those big plays we were giving up. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough. We just need to get a couple more turnovers to truly get us back into it.”

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Safety Darian Stewart complemented Kittle as well as Shanahan’s ability to use him schematically. 

“They had some stuff for him,” Stewart said. “He’s a great talent. We saw it on film too. They found a way to get him the ball. He’s a solid player. He’s going to be good for a long time.”

The 49ers have a week to prepare for their second face off with the Seahawks, who held the team to 16 points just two weeks ago. 

Joe Staley finally follows George Kittle on Twitter after huge game for 49ers

Joe Staley finally follows George Kittle on Twitter after huge game for 49ers

Joe Staley was following 257 people on Twitter as of Sunday.

George Kittle had to gain nearly that many yards against the Denver Broncos to convince his 49ers teammate to follow him.

Kittle’s seven-catch, 210-yard, one-touchdown performance in the 49ers’ win was the talk of the NFL, as he almost broke Shannon Sharpe’s league record for single-game yardage by a tight end.

After the game, Kittle got that sweet Staley follow, fam. And he quickly thanked the veteran left tackle for his support.

Staley, who had a catch of his own Sunday, opened up a can of worms, though, as another 49ers teammate felt left out.

One look at Staley’s Twitter account shows he’s right. He rarely tweets to his 136,500 followers, save the occasional ad message for a popular soda brand.

But Staley’s increased Twitter activity illustrated one thing: Winning fixes everything, even on social media.