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Watson may need to reapply to NFL after suspension

Charles Robinson and Jim Trotter discuss what an open-ended suspension could mean for Deshaun Watson and if the QB could receive additional punishment in the future.


Patrick: Nets gave Irving a 'reality check'

Dan Patrick discusses why Kyrie Irving took the safe route by exercising his player option to return to the Brooklyn Nets for the 2022-23 season.

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Sights on new heights

In his guest column, Paul Burmeister outlines the next steps the USFL plans to take to build on its first season.

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Chase Elliott's win could impact playoffs

Chase Elliott's Nashville win could make an impact in the playoffs with how tight the field is. Kevin Harvick's pit crew meets challenge after changes.

NBA News

Report: Kyrie Irving, Nets were close on contract extension

After acrimonious contract negotiations, Kyrie Irving wants you to know he and the organization aren't on completely different pages.

NHL News

Players whose stock rose in playoffs

Playoff production has helped boost the value of these pending free agents.

Brother from Another


Is Arch Manning as 'generational' as his name?

Pat Forde joins Charles Robinson and Jim Trotter to discuss Arch Manning committing to the University of Texas and whether or not he can live up to the Manning name.

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Brooks Koepka says he changed his mind about LIV ... after U.S. Open

Brooks Koepka said he’s allowed to change his opinions. However, he seemed reluctant to explain his reasoning during Tuesday's LIV presser.

Soccer News

Premier League transfer news live

We are set for a very busy summer of transfer activity, as the latest transfer news keeps flooding in and plenty of big names are expected to be on the move in the coming months.

On Her Turf

Title IX gave people like my mom a chance to see daughters get opportunities

Title XI does more than just maintain equality in college sports, it allows parents to see their children succeed in unique opportunities.

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