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Power Rankings: Who needs to be traded?

There are several teams hoarding talent that might not make sense for their current rosters. Chris Simms and Tank Williams rank which players should pack their bags.


Who will win the wild Western Conference?

The wide open Western Conference in the NBA is hotly contested this year as big names make their way to teams in LA, but will Kawhi and Lebron crash the party or merely observe.

World Series

Juan Soto becomes fourth player under 21 years old to homer in World Series

Nationals outfielder Juan Soto absolutely crushed a solo home run off of Gerrit Cole in the top of the fourth inning of World Series Game 1 against the Astros. The ball reached the train tracks in left-center field and...

NASCAR Playoffs on NBC Sports

Should NASCAR penalize crew members for interceding in fights?

The NBC Sports writers also debate if NASCAR should remove cars multiple laps down late in a race from the track.

Chris Simms Unbuttoned


Game Review: Ravens vs. Seahawks

Chris Simms does a deep dive into Baltimore's dominant win over Seattle and why the Seahawks didn't do themselves any favors against a motivated Ravens squad.

Premier League News

PL player Power Rankings

Who are the top 20 players in the Premier League right now?

PL Mornings Live Fan Fest 2019

PL Mornings Fan Fest in Austin

Experience Premier League Mornings Live like never before with an epic Austin street party with access to the oldest bar in Texas, Scholz Garten.

The modern game

Peter King introduces you to the new NFL, where players have more power and teams are incredibly aggressive in solving their problems.

NBA News

Lakers’ fans boo Kawhi Leonard, then he reminds fans why they wanted him in Clippers win

Kawhi Leonard shrugged off the boos to score 30 points and spark the Clippers win.

Rugby World Cup


Wake up with the World Cup: Semis set

Alex Corbisiero and Dan Lyle break down Wales' come-from-behind win and South Africa's victory vs. Japan, which sets the semifinal slate.

Notre Dame on NBC

Crawford's return would help Irish

Shaun Crawford may return to help No. 8 Notre Dame’s defensive backfield this weekend at No. 19 Michigan.

Golf Channel

Rory McIlroy to play in 2020 Olympics

Rory McIlroy confirms that he plans to play for Ireland in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

College Football News

Dabo leads the way for coach salaries

You might want to sit down for this: college football coaches continue to make a spitload of money.

Trailer: Headstrong

WATCH: Headstrong

A full-length documentary from the NBC Sports Regional Networks that hopes to shed light on the need for athletes, and everyone, to admit that struggles with emotional and mental issues are part of life.

U.S. Gymnastics


Biles wins gold on beam for record 24th medal

Simone Biles wins gold on beam to secure her record-breaking 24th medal at the 2019 World Gymnastics Championships.


Simone Biles clinches fifth world all-around title

Simone Biles puts on a show during her floor exercise to secure her fifth world all-around title by a record margin of victory.

Best of Peter King


Is Sanu better option than Green for Patriots?

Peter King explains why he likes the Patriots trading for Mohamed Sanu instead of A.J. Green for this season.

Tim Layden Essays

Behind Justify's positive drug test

NBC Sports writer-at-large Tim Layden traces the complex roots of Justify's positive drug test ahead of his 2018 Triple Crown run.