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Oakland Athletics reverse course: will continue to pay minor leaguers
"I concluded I made a mistake," team owner John Fisher told the San Francisco Chronicle
Seranthony Domínguez can finally get Tommy John surgery
Domínguez had been unable to travel back to the United States before now to get the surgery.
Today in Baseball History: Teammates Reggie Jackson and Bill North duke it out
Reggie Jackson and the 1974 Athletics were involved in some controversy? Heaven forfend!
Pandemic adding even more heat to MLB negotiations
MLB writer Jayson Stark describes how labor negotiations are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and what that means for the league's potential start.
Lack of communication could doom 2020 MLB season
Jayson Stark explains why the 2020 MLB season could be in trouble as there is minimal communication between the owners and the players union.
Report: Marcell Ozuna injured, his wife arrested in domestic violence incident
Ozuna's wife, Genesis, was arrested and charged with domestic battery. She subsequently pleaded not guilty.
Carl Crawford arrested on domestic violence charge
TMZ reports that Carl Crawford was arrested on a domestic violence charge in Texas. He turned himself into police on Thursday.
This Day in Transaction History: Padres pawn off James Shields
On June 4, 2016, the Padres sent James Shields and his hefty contract to the White Sox in exchange for Erik Johnson and Fernando Tatís Jr.
TV, radio announcers to call road games via TV monitors back home
It will probably work out fine. But it may be weird at first.
Nationals’ major leaguers to continue offering financial assistance to minor leaguers
Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle and his major league teammates will continue offering financial assistance to the organization's minor leaguers.
Cubs owner Tom Ricketts continues to cry poor
Cubs owner Tom Ricketts claimed owners' losses this year are "biblical" due to the pandemic and the ensuing shutdown of Major League Baseball.
MLB rejected Players’ 114-game season proposal, will not send a counter
It's a tactic. Here's what's going on.
MLB releases statement, promises to “do the work.” But what does that mean?
And how can MLB "do the work" if it's unwilling to specifically say what that work is in service of?
Chris Archer out until 2021 due to thoracic outlet surgery
Archer began feeling shoulder discomfort late last season. Now his future is up in the air.
Two Yomiuri Giants players test positive for COVID-19
The two positive tests led to the cancellation of an exhibition game and will now test NPB's COVID-19 protocols
This Day in Transaction History: Phillies acquire John Kruk from Padres
The Phillies made a shrewd move on June 2, 1989, acquiring 1B John Kruk from the Padres. He'd go on to help the Phillies reach the 1993 World Series.
Miller Park sustains ‘minor damage’ to field after break-in
The Brewers' stadium, Miller Park, sustained "minor damage" on Tuesday morning after a man broke in and gained access to the playing field.
Minor League Baseball will be vastly different
Ahmed Fareed chats with Mike Tirico about how the landscape of Minor League Baseball is going to be changed due to coronavirus and how independent teams could rise.
MLB, MLBPA face tall task to reach 114 games
Ahmed Fareed joins Mike Tirico to discuss where the MLB and MLBPA are in their negotiations, how they face a difficult task of completing a full season and how the league could get to 114 games.
Len Dykstra hurls vile and unsubstantiated claims at Ron Darling, a judge, and the Mets
In an interview yesterday, Dykstra accused Ron Darling of faking his cancer and suggested that Darling and the Mets tried to have him "iced"
Scott Boras to pay salaries of released minor league clients
Agent Scott Boras will reportedly cover the salaries of his minor league clients across the league who have been recently been released.
Report: MLB to propose shorter season, pay players full share of prorated salaries
On Sunday, the MLBPA made a proposal to MLB about what the 2020 season might look like. MLB is expected to offer a counter-proposal.
Luis Severino ‘progressing well’ after Tommy John surgery
Yankees starter Luis Severino says he is "progressing well" and "making steady progress" after undergoing Tommy John surgery in late February.
As unrest continues, Major League Baseball and its clubs have been mostly silent
As of this afternoon only five teams have commented on the unrest that is roiling America
Martinez: MLB, MLBPA need to think about fans
MLB Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez wants the owners and players to think about the fans as they try to negotiate terms on how the 2020 season will unfold.
Nationals back off of minor league stipend cut
One day after getting big blowback, the Nationals have reversed course on a puzzling decision.
How Martinezes are helping the DR fight COVID-19
Pedro and Carolina Martinez are helping the Dominican Republic fight COVID-19 with an initiative to assist families that are most in need.
Players’ offer reportedly not going over well with owners
The owners are still seeking salary reductions and reportedly do not want a regular season as long as 114 games
Dale Murphy’s son hit in eye by rubber bullet during protest
Murphy supports the protests, saying "Black communities across America have been terrorized for centuries by excessive police force."
Judge: Len Dykstra’s reputation is so bad it’s legally impossible to libel him
A judge has dismissed Dykstra's lawsuit against Ron Darling, holding that Dykstra's past bad acts make him impossible to defame
MLBPA proposes 114-game season, playoff expansion to MLB
On Sunday evening, the MLBPA sent its proposal for a modified 2020 season to MLB ownership, suggesting a 114-game season and expanded playoffs.
Oakland Athletics donate $100,000 to Black organizations
The Athletics on Sunday pledged $100,000 to several Black organizations following nationwide protests over police brutality.
Nationals to pay minor leaguers $300 (not $400) per week through June
The Nationals will pay their minor leaguers $300 per week through June, $100 per week less than has been the standard among MLB teams.
Players, managers react to George Floyd's death
Players and managers across the sport of baseball reacted to the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd due to police brutality.
Red Sox employees 'livid' over pay cut plan
People making $100K are being treated the same as people making $500K under Boston's pay cut plan
At least 16 MLB teams pledge more stipends to minor leaguers
Those stipends pay minor leaguers $400 per week.
The Royals are paying everyone. Why can’t all of the other teams?
The Royals are one of the lower-revenue teams in baseball yet they're continuing to pay minor leaguers and employees. What's the other teams' excuse?
Today in Baseball History: Baseball gets its antitrust exemption
You can thank this man, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., for Major League Baseball's immunity from the antitrust laws.
Report: David Price to pay each Dodgers minor leaguer $1,000 out of his own pocket
It's a wonderful act of generosity by Price, but don't cast this as a feel-good story.
Former Mets minor leaguer describes organization as ‘toxic’
The Mets released minor league pitcher Andrew Church. He described the organization as "toxic" in an Instagram post on Thursday.
This Day in Transaction History: Padres return Shane Victorino to Dodgers
On this day in 2003, the Padres returned outfielder Shane Victorino to the Dodgers after having taken him in the Rule 5 draft the previous winter.
Teams release bunches of minor leaguers
The Rays, Nationals, Mets, Brewers, Mariners, Orioles, and Reds were among the teams to release minor league players from their contracts today.
Today in Baseball History: Dodgers, Giants, given approval to move to California
One of the biggest reasons O'Malley moved the Dodgers: pay-per-view TV. Which never happened.
Boras to clients: Don’t bail out the owners
Boras says owners are "asking for more salary cuts to bail them out of the investment decisions they have made"
Francona: Pitchers doing great job of being ready
Indians manager Terry Francona joins Mike Tirico to explain how players are trying to get ready for a potential return to play.
Francona wishes MLBPA negotiations weren't public
Terry Francona details his thoughts on baseball's return and why he wants the negotiations with the MLBPA to be a bit more private.
Max Scherzer: ‘There’s no reason to engage with MLB any further'
MLB ownership and the MLBPA continue to hash out details for a return to baseball this summer. Player rep Max Scherzer has jumped into the fray.
Rangers, Padres, White Sox to continue paying minor leaguers
The Rangers and White Sox will pay their minor leaguers $400 per week through June. The Padres will offer that payment through August.
This Day in Transaction History: The Kirk Nieuwenhuis orbit
Outfielder Kirk Nieuwenhuis had a stranger 2015 season. Almost all of his power came in one July game against the Diamondbacks.
Former Braves catcher Biff Pocoroba dies
Pocoroba was a 1978 All-Star. He played his entire 10-year big league career with the Braves