Colin Kaepernick submitted the worst game of his career against the Cardinals.

He took full responsibility.

"Today was 100-percent my fault," the 49ers' quarterback said after the game. "There’s nothing anyone in that locker room could’ve done to change that game today the way I played...

“(It’s) very hard for me to deal with. Very hard to see myself go out and play like that and hurt this team the way I did. I nullified all the efforts of every other player on that field today. That’s something I have to fix. I have to be better for this team moving forward.”

Even when Kaepernick has had good games over the past three plus years, not everybody has been sold on his ability to be an above average NFL quarterback on a consistent basis.

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"You guys know that I've had questions about Kaepernick for quite some time," NFL Films Senior Producer Greg Cosell said on KNBR 680-AM Monday night. "And when I had those questions a year or so ago, because he had been coming off playoffs and the Super Bowl, I was the one who was a complete moron.


"And you know how I talk -- I never say a guy stinks, or he's bad; I do it in a critically, analytical way -- and now on my Twitter feed, all I get from people is, 'This guy stinks. I would get Tim Tebow in here.' You know that kind of stuff."

Despite Kaepernick's performance against the Cardinals, 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula made it clear that Kaepernick is, and will continue to be, San Francisco's starting quarterback.

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“I’ve had no thoughts to him not being our quarterback,” Tomsula said on Monday. “He’s our quarterback.”

When analyzing Kaepernick over the last several years, pundits across the board have touted his physical tools and his unique skill set.

Everybody knows he's dangerous as a runner in the open field and defenses have to take into account his ability to pick up big chunks of yardage with his feet.

He also possesses a very strong arm

"I believe in arm strength and Kaepernick clearly has a power arm," Cosell explained. "But there's no subtlety to the way he throws. He has no pace, no tempo to his throws. He drills the ball consistently. He's not a tempo thrower. So while he has a powerful arm, there's no refinement to the way he throws.

"And being a great athlete and being able to run fast in a straight line, is quite frankly, not really relevant to playing the quarterback position in the NFL."

Kaepernick threw two interceptions in the first six minutes of the game on Sunday, and both were returned for touchdowns.

The 49ers found themselves in an early hole, and couldn't dig their way out.

"He's in his fifth year. Some of the mistakes, you just can't make," Cosell said. "There's no other way to say it ... there are certain things you just can't do if you're a veteran quarterback."