The NFL's website listed Colin Kaepernick as retired Friday.

That would appear to be news to the former 49ers quarterback.

Nessa, a radio host in New York and Kaepernick's longtime girlfriend, blasted the league and argued that the NFL -- not Kaepernick -- decided the QB would no longer play.

Following Nessa's tweet and while this story was being written, the NFL updated its desktop and mobile websites to list Kaepernick as an unrestricted free agent.

Kaepernick hasn't played in an NFL game since the 2016 season, during which the QB kneeled during the playing of the national anthem before games to protest police brutality against African Americans and racial injustice in the United States. Some politicians, including President Donald Trump, criticized Kaepernick for disrespecting the flag and the country's veterans, and an NFL team has not signed Kaepernick since he opted out of his contract with the 49ers ahead of the 2017 offseason.


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Since then, Kaepernick has insisted he still wants to play football despite claims from some in league circles to the contrary. He settled a collusion lawsuit with the NFL last February and later worked out for scouts outside of Atlanta in November. Kaepernick moved the initially league-run workout from the Atlanta Falcons' facility after the NFL barred media access and his lawyers deemed the NFL's liability waiver "unusual."

“My desire to play football is still there,” Kaepernick told USA Today's Jarrett Bell this February. “I still train five days a week. I’m ready to go, I’m ready for a phone call, tryout, workout at any point in time. I’m still waiting on the owners and their partners to stop running from this situation. So I hope I get a call this offseason. I’ll be looking forward to it.”