How Fields' pro day was constructed with 49ers watching

/ by Alex Didion
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Justin Fields put on a show at his second pro day for the 49ers' top brass. Both coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch were on hand in Columbus for the workout, and Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer provided some inside details on how the young quarterback orchestrated his second pro day.

The Ohio State product put together the entire script of throws for the event himself, and had Corey Dennis, the Buckeyes' QB coach, rattling off each play for him. Fields wanted to make it clear that he was the one who put together the play sheet.

Breer also wrote that there was a "heavy West Coast offense" emphasis from the set of throws Fields made, which appeared to align well with what Shanahan would want to see from his future QB. 

"Fields throwing off traditional play-action (turning his back to the line), working through quick-game throws and screens, and then progressing down the field to show his capability of hitting every level of the field," Breer writes.

The 22-year-old on purpose elected to throw to a pair of freshman wide receivers, which Breer reported caught the attention of some of those NFL personnel in attendance.

Fields worked quickly, hoping to show his conditioning and ability to operate effectively without wasting time.

Breer also reported that Fields had 10 more throws after his designated 50 that were moderated by coaches in attendance. "After the ball was snapped, and Fields took his drop, the coaches yelled where to go with it, and Fields had to snap it to the receivers," writes Breer.


Fields appeared to make a tweak in his mechanics that matches a Shanahan staple at Wednesday's event, as the young QB lined up with his right foot back before the snap, which is the opposite of what he did during his career with the Buckeyes.

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Former NFL QB John Beck, who actively is coaching Fields, Trey Lance and Zach Wilson in the pre-draft process, told NBC Sports' Peter King recently that Fields would make a great addition to the 49ers' offense.

"Here's the thing, there are quarterbacks that have skill sets that fit in a lot of offenses," Beck told NBC Sports' Peter King on the latest podcast episode. "What that quarterback needs is time to develop within that offense. ... Maybe you have some teams sitting like a New England or a Denver who says, 'Can we bump up a few spots and get [Fields]? Absolutely.' So I still think he can be a great fit in those offenses? I do.

"When I see a Kyle Shanahan offense and the coaches who coached in that system at other organizations, I see so many things that Justin does and I say wow that fits those offenses really well. And those coaches when they watch him on tape, watch him throw, they can see things that would be great utilized in their offense."

Alabama quarterback Mac Jones had been the consistent favorite to be the 49ers' choice at No. 3 prior to Wednesday, but another strong performance for Fields in front of the 49ers' top brass seems to have swung momentum toward the Ohio State product.

Lynch and Shanahan also will be on hand for Lance's upcoming pro day next week, and still have two weeks until draft night to make their final decision on which of the potential options they want to make the next franchise QB in the Bay Area.

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