Wilson is enjoying complementary RB role with Deebo


Running back Jeff Wilson Jr. and wide receiver Deebo Samuel have developed a symbiotic relationship on the field. 

Both Wilson and Samuel are known for their physicality when the ball is in their hands. The two 49ers skill players shared carries in Cincinnati - the running back with 13 carries for 56 yards and the wideout with 8 carries for 37 yards and a touchdown. 

On Friday, Wilson spoke to local media and explained how the two offensive contributors feed off each other on the field. 

“This is not me and Deebo’s first rodeo,” Wilson said. “I’ve been around him for three years now. He knows me and I know him. Especially when we have the ball in our hands, we have the same mindset. Nobody can bring us down and we are trying to score.” 

Wilson is finally feeling closer to his usual self after suffering a meniscus injury during the offseason. The running back has appeared in five games since his return registering 44 carries for 139 yards and adding the role of playing fullback to his bag of tricks. 

“I like it,” Wilson said. “Adding to the resume. It’s the more you can do in this league. If that’s what I’m called to do, that’s what I’m called to do. It’s blocking, shoot. Seeing somebody else score. 

“That’s normally the role I’m in. Normally they are blocking for me and I’m the one scoring. To have it reversed and do the same thing for them it’s just full circle.” 


The North Texas product is in his fourth season with the 49ers after joining the club as an undrafted free agent in 2018. While his five-game 3.2 yards-per-carry average is a career-low, Wilson has started to hit his stride averaging 4.3 yards-per-carry vs. Cincinnati.

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What isn’t missing from Wilson's game is his bruising style of delivering heavy contact when facing opposing defenses. The 26-year-old was seen delivering a vicious shoulder hit to a Bengals defender during one of his carries in Week 14. 

“Yeah, that’s my game,” Wilson said. “That’s what I really love to do. I like to get down and nasty. I like to beat up on the defense, make them feel me. I try to take their soul, you know what I mean? Just let them know I’m here all day.” 

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