Report: How Fields, Lance's second pro days will differ from first

Justin Fields, Trey Lance

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch missed the show Justin Fields put on during his first pro day, as they elected to watch Mac Jones' second pro day at Alabama on the same day. The 49ers' power brokers weren't in attendance at Trey Lance's first throwing session because they hadn't yet made the move up to No. 3.

When Shanahan and Lynch get their in-person look at Fields on Wednesday and Lance next Monday during their respective second pro days, the throwing sessions reportedly will be a little different than a normal pro day.

The MMQB's Albert Breer noted in his Monday morning column that both Fields and Lance are expected to have NFL people run their throwing sessions instead of their respective quarterback coaches. This should give Shanahan and Lynch and an even better view of what the two quarterbacks are capable of.

Breer also noted that Fields' second pro day is expected to be closed to the media, and that, as of right now, the 49ers and New England Patriots are the only two teams who have committed to attending Fields' second throwing session.

Shanahan and Lynch said the reason they elected to watch Jones' second pro day over Fields' first was that they were confident they would get to see the Ohio State star in person at a later date.

After wowing at his first pro day, Fields said he would throw for any team that wants to get a look at him ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft, noting he wants to show consistency and not just impress one day.


"It really doesn’t just happen one time,” Fields told NFL Media's Aditi Kinkhabwala after his pro day. “I want to show I do the same thing every day.”

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Fields and Lance having NFL people run their throwing scripts should allow them to show Lynch and Shanahan that they have the right skill set to thrive in the 49ers' offense. During his second pro day, Jones scripted more bootlegs, rollouts and throws outside the pocket to show he isn't a statue.

While most believe Jones will be the 49ers' selection, Fields and Lance both offer Shanahan something he hasn't had as both are able to make plays with their legs, get outside the pocket and make second-reaction throws.

The choice will be Shanahan's and Shanahan's alone. Whoever he believes can be the most effective signal-caller in his offense will be the selection.

Jones has a lot of attributes that will appeal to the 49ers head coach. Fields has the arm talent, accuracy and athleticism to be the best quarterback in the class. Lance will need a year or two to develop, but thanks to Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers have the ability to take the risk is Shanahan wants. If developed properly, there is no ceiling on Lance's potential.

Shanahan and Lynch will face a franchise-altering decision when they go on the clock at No. 3. Whoever they pick will hold the coach and GM's fate in the palm of their right hand.

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