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Bosa recalls hilarious interaction with ref in Rams game

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SANTA CLARA -- Defensive end Nick Bosa registered two sacks on Monday night in the 49ers' 24-9 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

A few other times, it looked as if the Rams might have gotten away with a play that could easily have warranted a holding penalty.

One play in particular stands out. Bosa approached referee Brad Allen to submit a complaint immediately following the play.

“I think it was only one time where I said something to him,” Bosa said.

The play in question came when Rams left tackle Joe Noteboom stretched the limits of the rules — and then some — to prevent Bosa from reaching quarterback Matthew Stafford.

So what was the feedback the official gave Bosa?

As far as Bosa could tell, there was some miscommunication between the player and the ref.

“I forget,” Bosa said. “I don’t think he understood me. But there was one that was kind of obvious and he was looking downfield instead of where he should’ve been looking.”

According to Bosa, the dialogue went something like this . . .

“I said, ‘He tackled me,’ and I think he said something like, ‘He could do that.’ All right. He must not have heard me.”

Bosa said his way of dealing with possible holding penalties that go uncalled is to “just keep going.”

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Bosa’s strategy has worked. He leads the NFL with six sacks through the first four games of the season.


“I think the refs haven’t been too bad this year so far,” Bosa said. “But I think the Rams just get away with a lot of them.”

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