Like a kid who got caught doing something wrong, Richard Sherman doesn't want to talk about his mistake.

The 49ers cornerback made up a story about Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield refusing to shake their hands Monday night, but that quickly was debunked when video surfaced showing the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner dapped Sherman up prior to the coin toss. 

After backtracking Tuesday, Sherman apologized Wednesday morning for the false claim while still maintaining his overall issue with how Mayfield conducts himself. The Browns quarterback poked fun at his college legal troubles when asked about the video proving his innocence in HandshakeGate. 

Sherman now is ready to move past his strange tall tale of the handshake snub that never was.

"I've said my piece about it," Sherman said Wednesday. "I'm going to have a conversation with him and then I'm kind of going to be done with it. It’s just funny it got so big. I thought the football game is what they watched for, but I guess it’s the soap opera."

Yes, people were interested in the story you created for no reason after a 31-3 win. Sorry?

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The 49ers' impressive defensive performance against Mayfield has been somewhat overshadowed by "Storytime with Sherm." But now that Baker's failure to dap has been debunked like a bad Loch Ness Monster sighting, we can all get back to football.