The 49ers want Robbie Gould to kick for them in 2019. The veteran kicker would like to have other plans for the fall of 2019. 

Gould, the 49ers' franchise player for this season, has not signed his one-year, $4.971 million deal and has demanded to be traded. The veteran kicker has said he wishes to be closer to his family in Chicago, but the 49ers have said they won't honor the request.

With training camp just around the corner, Gould still hasn't decided if or when he'll report to the 49ers.

"I’m not going to commit to making any decision right now,” Gould told The Mercury News' Cam Inman at the American Century Golf Championship celebrity tournament Wednesday.

Gould has the option to skip training camp and show up Week 1 to start earning his $4.971 million contract. Or, he could sit out until Week 10 and earn a prorated salary after that point. He also could sit out the entire season if he doesn't get his way, but that would be an almost unprecedented move for a kicker.

The 36-year-old still is weighing his options. 

“I don’t really have a plan right now,” Gould said. “Obviously there is a deadline and I don’t have to make any decisions anytime soon. … The deadline to sign a long-term contract is Monday, and the rest of that (potential holdout) is up to me.”


He has indicated he has no intention of signing a long-term deal with the 49ers -- as he looks to head toward Chicago -- and is letting his agent deal with his current predicament while he enjoys time at home.

"We’ve been negotiating for 17 months and it’s been a complicated situation,” Gould said. “I’m at the point where my agent is going to handle it. If there’s anything I need to know about, then I’ll make a decision. When I need to know of something of substance and that I have to make a decision on, he’ll call me. I’ve been able to focus on my training and spending time with my family and being around my kids.”

Gould has been nails for the 49ers over the past two seasons, making 72 of 75 field-goal attempts. While being a kicker isn't the most stable position in the NFL, Gould isn't sweating his current situation.

“I’ve been through several holdouts, I’ve been through a lockout season, I’ve been through not being on a team and showing up in Week 6. I’d say there is nothing that scares me anymore in Year 15, because I feel I’ve been through it all.”

And so it continues.

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As for the thought that he desires to head to the Bears, Gould says that's not the case. 

“I never said I want to go back there,” Gould said. “I just said I want to be closer to my family. That doesn’t necessarily mean (the Bears).”