Kittle can only laugh after 'taking souls' on pancake blocks


Nobody has more fun on the football field than George Kittle. 

The 49ers' star tight end enjoys every aspect of the game, especially pancake-blocking an opposing defender. 

Does Kittle laugh every time he pancakes somebody? 

"Yes," Kittle said. 

"Whether you're taking their soul, they just made a highlight reel clip, and you never want to be on a highlight reel clip. So I kinda laugh about the fact that they just made a highlight reel clip. So thanks."

Kittle was asked this question because of a clip that went viral last season of him laughing after throwing a block, as well as a similar reaction to a block last Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Who knew that one man could have so much joy from the taking of one's soul. 

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Kittle and the 49ers' offensive line will look to pancake-block more defenders on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. 

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