Why Shanahan feels no pressure feeding 49ers' offensive weapons


With the arrival of star running back Christian McCaffrey, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was given a good problem to have: trying to give ample touches to his elite offensive players. 

Speaking with NBC Sports Bay Area's Matt Maiocco on the latest episode of "49ers Game Plan," Shanahan explained his thought process of trying to find touches for all his main targets.

"Whoever's the best player, you try to get them the ball as much as you can," Shanahan told Maiocco. "You always have things on your call sheet, what are the plays to get this guy the ball? What are the plays to get that guy the ball?

"I got five guys like that."

Shanahan adds that there are a set amount of plays where receiver Deebo Samuel is the No. 1 target, and the same goes for tight end George Kittle. It all depends on the play and if Shanahan wants to give a certain player the ball or attack the coverage. 

The 49ers coach also said that NFL defenses nowadays are so skilled that they can render a specific player ineffective.

However, Shanahan countered by saying that while defenses could take away one player or aspect of the offense -- whether it is the passing game or the running game -- they "can't take away everybody."

"But they can't take away both, and that's why you try to balance your five eligibles," Shanahan said. "That's why we also try to balance out our throwing and passing and that's why we feel we can dictate it, not them."


Currently, the 49ers have plenty of options that potentially could carry the offense. At any given time, Shanahan can call on McCaffrey, Samuel, Kittle, receiver Brandon Aiyuk or running back Elijah Mitchell to shoulder the load. 

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While some might say that Shanahan is too conservative in his play-calling, he could focus on certain players, like McCaffrey or Mitchell, if they're having a good game.

Nevertheless, the 49ers Faithful are hopeful that Shanahan will be able to properly balance the offensive touches and help elevate San Francisco's offense to where it needs to be. 

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