Semien HR makes up for A's getting no replay luck yet again


The A’s have the absolute worst luck when it comes to replay review. I would have you ask manager Bob Melvin, but it would just upset him. 

That didn’t change on Wednesday in Game 2 of the AL Wild Card Series when Oakland catcher Sean Murphy hit a foul ball that could have been called a home run in the bottom of the second.

It was close enough where the MLB replay offices in New York took an additional look at it, but it appeared the angle wasn’t working in the A’s, or the official’s favor.

But … it didn’t matter. 

Murphy ended up hitting a single to center field on the next pitch. Shortstop Marcus Semien would follow it with a home run to put the A’s up 4-0 over the Chicago White Sox.

If you can’t get the replay, you make it so there’s no question.