Marcus Semien is a gamer. To the tune of playing in all 162 last season for Oakland. Which earned the Bay Area native significant honors as a Gold Glove candidate and finalist for American League MVP.  

NBC Sports California got the chance to learn a little more about the longest tenured A's player last month at team headquarters in Oakland.

Most important aspect of a good walk-up song?
Bass. We play in a nice stadium with good speakers, that’s important.

Something you need to get done every time in the on-deck circle?
I say a prayer. Something my dad taught me growing up.

Best thing to tell a teammate after they make an error?
Make the next one. Trust me, I’ve been there, and it helped me.

Number one piece of tech in your backpack for road trips?

Teammate who you think gives the best interviews?
That’s a good one. Would have to be a starting pitcher. I’ll say [Sean] Manaea. They talk a lot to the media.

Teammate who you think hates giving interviews the most?
Chappy [Matt Chapman], he gets talked to all the time. You know what? That’s a tie: K.D. [Khris Davis] and Chapman.

Team potluck dinner, what does Marcus Semien bring?
[Laughs] I’ll bring the chicken. Barbecue chicken. That’s all I do at home.


A song that you know all the words to?
Actually I don’t know many. The National Anthem, I know for sure. My wife, she knows lyrics, but I’m not that guy. She just sings, and she knows it.

Are audiobooks considered reading?
No, it’s listening. Reading is looking at the words.

Tougher sport to play if you had to do it tonight: football or ice hockey?
Hockey, because of the skating part.

What matters most to you: launch angle, spin rate, or exit velocity?
Exit velocity … but … you need a good launch angle with that.

You get a free trip this weekend, what location do you choose: Tahoe, Napa, or Monterey?
With the family? Tahoe. Napa would be with just the wife. Tahoe, with everybody.

First animal you go visit at the zoo?
We try and go see the lions, but they’re not always there.

Best actor of your lifetime so far is Tom Hanks: agree or disagree?
He’s up there, but I think Denzel [Washington] is the best.

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A through F, what’s the grade for your emoji usage?
I’m an F. I don’t use them. Text only. I don’t even use the thumbs up to reply, I just say “OK.” I probably should use Siri more, since it’s convenient.  

Dream car that we could put in your driveway tonight?
Probably a Ferrari.