Mike Fiers is about to begin his second full season in the A's rotation, performing like its ace ever since he arrived in Oakland in a waiver trade in late 2018. 

While the A’s pitching staff this season is guaranteed to be full of personality and talent, we leaned a little more about the potential Opening Day starter during a Q&A session last week at A’s team headquarters. 

Best thing to tell a teammate after they made an error?
(Laughs) Which one? Some guys you can mess with, others you just say ‘Let’s go.’ Most of the time you just don’t say anything at all.

Teammate who you think gives the best interviews?
[Sean] Manaea

Teammate who you think hates giving interviews?
[Matt] Chapman. Wait, no. Khris Davis. One hundred percent.  

Team potluck dinner, what does Mike Fiers bring?
Got to bring cookies. I’m the dessert guy.

Song that you know all the words to?
‘I got five on it’ by the Luniz That’s one like a classic. The edited version.

Are audiobooks considered reading?
Yes, somebody is reading it to you, right?

Tougher sport if you had to play it tonight: football or hockey?

What matters most to you: launch angle, spin rate, or exit velocity?
Exit velocity. Definitely means more to me. I don’t want them going out of the park.


You get an all-expense paid trip this weekend: Tahoe, Napa, Monterey?
I think Monterey. I’m an aquatic, ocean guy.

First animal you go visit at the zoo?
Giraffes. I love giraffes.

Theme park ride you go visit first?
I’m not a theme park guy. You guys go ride, I’m staying on the ground. I’m the guy that holds the stuff.

Favorite person or account you follow on social media?
Just anything funny, anything to make me laugh. Humor stuff.

Teammate you’d be a fan of, if you weren’t their teammate?
I’d go Matt Chapman. He’s a fun guy to watch and listen to when he does talk.

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The best actor of your lifetime so far, is Tom Hanks. Agree or disagree?
False. Vin Diesel. Come on.

A through F, grade your usage of emojis?
I’d say C. I’m in middle. I’m more of a GIF guy, I like using those.