A's outfielder Ramon Laureano plays MLB The Show in coronavirus hiatus


Ramon Laureano already has seen three weeks into the A’s pending season.

At least, in simulated fashion, via the video game MLB The Show.

“So look, KD [Khris Davis] has eight homers, hitting .327,” Laureano said. “Chappy [Matt Chapman] is hitting .330-something with nine homers.”

OK, but what about Chapman’s Platinum Glove defense?

“Zero errors,” Laureano said. “He’s making the plays exactly like he makes in real life.”

Video games were part of Laureano’s college days, but something he hasn’t had time for in the last five years, as he broke into professional baseball. That’s a little different during the current coronavirus pandemic, which now presents the A’s outfielder with a lot more down time.

“I actually bought a PS4 here, and dowloaded the game,” Laureano said from Arizona. “I’ve been doing that for the past eight days.”

Laureano also has been in close contact with his family in the Dominican Republic. He considered having them all unite stateside, but like so many things right now, uncertainty is the way of life.

“It’s pretty bad for such a small country, such a small area too,” Laureano said. “It’s not an easy time to be away from your family, your loved ones. You just have to find a way to be together, and that’s the most important thing right now.”

MLB facilities across Arizona and Florida have been closed for days, however, Laureano still utilizes the A’s field at Hohokam Stadium to conduct workouts alone. He stresses staying indoors, but realizes that is a challenge to some.


“Especially for those people that are active,” Laureano said. “I like to go outside, see the sun, get a sweat going, and come back and I’m like, ‘I actually did something today.' "

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That being said, Laureano has been very strict about the rules, and how he hopes everyone responds in the crisis.

“Stay home,” Laureano emphasized. “That’s the best medicine right now.”