Like so many beneficial causes, Stephen Piscotty’s ALS Cure Project will continue their mission in 2020, but with a virtual twist.

“There was a bit of a priority shift in the world,” Piscotty told NBC Sports California last week. “We had to accept that, and find other ways to raise money for our foundation. And to accomplish our goal of ending ALS.”

Piscotty’s mother Gretchen died from the disease in May of 2018.

Ever since, Stephen's father Mike, and his brothers, Nick and Austin, diligently have used their platform to raise awareness and funds to progress the fight against ALS.

It became extremely personal.

“A lot of the motivation in our family in trying to push for this ... it’s just a brutal disease. And you don’t want to see anyone else have to go through it,” Piscotty said.

This year, the foundation will raise funds via a virtual Beer, Whiskey and Wine tasting from Friday-Sunday in addition to live and silent auctions that coincide with the A’s-Giants "Battle of the Bay" series in Oakland. 

Event details and purchasing packages can be found here.

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“They’ll send you the product, there’ll be some different guys getting on, leading the tasting,” Piscotty said.

Not a bad entertainment option considering so many understandable limitations during the pandemic.

“We’ve made it our calling to do all that we can, and find some improvements in treatment,” he said.

The ALS Cure Project remains Piscottys' top priority, even during unprecedented times.