2021 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders pick North Dakota State QB Trey Lance


2021 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders pick North Dakota State QB Trey Lance

Is there room in Las Vegas for yet another quarterback? Maybe.

In a 2021 NFL Mock Draft by CBS Sports, writer R.J. White has the Raiders selecting North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance with the No. 12 overall pick in the first round. 

The keyword White uses here is “upside,” and that word is synonymous with Jon Gruden’s offensive strategy. He wants it all.

But what would that mean with who they have right now? 

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Derek Carr holds that top spot, and despite the rumors of him and Gruden not seeing eye-to-eye, the two apparently get along swimmingly. Naturally, sometimes they’ll bump heads, but that’s standard.

Behind him is Marcus Mariota who has the experience and is a great leader. He also stands to push Carr to be a better quarterback. He’s signed through 2021 with Nathan Peterman, a Gruden favorite, rounding up the current squad.

For Carr, well, it could initially appear to be bad news for the QB who was booed off the field for the team’s final game in Oakland, but that might not be the case.

He sent a strong message to the haters after that happened, but the Mariota pressures could be a positive. He’s not going anywhere, but this could be a glimpse into the future. 

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But … for the heck of it. Here’s a clip of Lance:

Carr gets a lot of hate. That was one of Pat McAfee’s questions when he spoke to former Raiders receiver Jordy Nelson recently. But he knows that’s all part of the package. Despite some rumors of trade talks during the combine, those appeared to have died down.

Jordy Nelson's status helped succeed Jon Gruden's 'system overload' offense

Jordy Nelson's status helped succeed Jon Gruden's 'system overload' offense

The offense itself might not have been different for Jordy Nelson to get the hang of when he came to the Raiders in 2018, but some of the verbiage was.

“That was one of the hard parts of trying to delete everything that we had in Green Bay,” Nelson said in an interview on The Pat McAfee Show. “I think with [Jon] Gruden, he adds so much week-to-week in a game plan that is completely different than the normal set of offense. He has his normal install that you would do, but then every week there’s a whole other downloaded system pretty much of ‘We’re going to run this against the Broncos -- and then next week against the Chiefs we’re going to run all of these.”

Nelson said there was a lot of new information that needed to be learned, but he managed OK. He comes from a Mike McCarthy offense that was up-tempo, but very quarterback/wide receiver friendly which could have made it simpler to maintain some of what Gruden was saying. After a decade with the same team, that could have proved tricky, but perhaps not with someone of Nelson’s status.

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Some of the younger guys could have been overwhelmed, Nelson admitted. Even saying there was an amount of “system overload.” And they didn’t have a guy like Kyle Shanahan who worked as a middle man of sorts with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in the day. 

Sometimes details would even get lost as NBC Sports’ Chris Simms said in an interview. Simms played under Gruden and admitted that the coach was “a psycho,” but in a good way, of course.

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Gruden is a guy who loves to embrace his Swiss Army Knife of an offense. 

Either way, it appeared the acquisition of Nelson turned out well. Not only because he works well with seasoned quarterbacks, but it wasn’t a high-maintenance add. He was able to pick up the playbook relatively quickly.

Josh Jacobs, Clelin Ferrell get Raiders tattoos after rookie seasons

Josh Jacobs, Clelin Ferrell get Raiders tattoos after rookie seasons

Josh Jacobs and Clelin Ferrell loved their first season with the Raiders so much that they both got the team's legendary logo tattooed on their arms. 

Jacobs added the logo on right arm while Ferrell went with his left. Both players shared the new ink Sunday on their Instagram stories.

The Raiders added both players last year in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. General manager Mike Mayock and coach Jon Gruden called Ferrell, a defensive end out of Clemson, when they were on the clock with the No. 4 overall pick. They then used their second first-round pick on Jacobs at No. 24 overall, and the former Alabama running back starred from Day 1. 

Jacobs became the first Raiders rookie to run for over 1,000 rushing yards and finished the season with 1,150 yards despite missing three games to a shoulder injury. He was a finalist for the Offensive Rookie of the Year, and proved himself worthy of the award.

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Ferrell played 15 games as a rookie and recorded 4.5 sacks. Earlier this offseason, he was working out with Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner as he has vowed to be much better in Year 2.

Both Jacobs and Ferrell will play key roles to the Silver and Black making the leap in Las Vegas, and clearly are full in on Raider Nation.

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