Dodgers, Warriors dynasties strangely compared by radio host


It's not often you'll hear Justin Turner and Steph Curry mentioned in the same sentence, but this MLB radio host made an interesting comparison between Turner's Los Angeles Dodgers and Curry's Warriors earlier this week.

“A lot of their [the Warriors] games in the playoffs for about three years, they had dudes who smelled blood like Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Steph Curry. That’s Justin Turner, Max Scherzer, Walker Buehler, Mookie – they got dudes on this team that smell blood and they know the Giants are slipping,” Sirius XM MLB Radio host Casey Stern said (h/t Dodgers Nation).

Stern's comparison came as the Dodgers finally caught up to the Giants in the NL West, after trailing San Francisco for just about the entire summer. The comments did come, however, before the Giants got a thrilling win over LA on Friday night in extra innings.

The win gave the Giants back a one-game lead over the Dodgers in the division standings, with two more games on the schedule this weekend between the teams.

The Giants have been the surprise story of the 2021 season in MLB, blowing past expectations to own the league's best record with about a month to go.

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Stern added to his analogy, saying that similar to the Warriors at their peak, the Dodgers' depth makes it nearly impossible to take them down.

“If you were going to beat the Warriors during those days, they were going to have to have a bad shooting night. You couldn’t beat them if they played their B-game and you played your A-game. It’s not good enough. If their [the Dodgers] bullpen doesn’t have an implosion-based kind of a week or two, it’s not going to matter what you do.”


To be fair, the Warriors won three titles in five years, while the Dodgers won one (in a pandemic-shortened season with a completely new playoff format) and have lost two World Series in the past five seasons.

It's an interesting comparison, but let's see if the Dodgers can win a championship in a standard 162-game season and normal MLB postseason format before we start comparing them to the most dominant NBA team of the 21st century.

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